Man pages for roperators
Additional Operators to Help you Write Cleaner R Code

assign_by_regexAssign to vector only where regular expression is matched
assign_opsAssignment operators
choose_permuteChoose and permute
cleaner_conversionsCleaner conversion functions
comparisonsEnhanced comparisons
complete_casesStatistics/Summaries with (Only) Missing Data Removed
content_checksContents of Vector Checks
factor_conversionConvert factor with numeric labels into numeric vector
file_checksFile Extension Checks
floating_point_comparisonsFloating point comparison operators
integrateInline integration
library.forceloads package if available, else tries to install it (from...
logicalsLogical operators
osOperating system checks
overwrite_by_regexModify existing object by regular expression
overwrite_missingAssign value to a vector's missing values
paste_and_catNew Paste and Cat Rules
read.tsvlike read.csv, but for tsv and default header = TRUE
string_arithmeticString operators
time_saversLittle functions to replace common minor functions. useful in...
type_checksType Checks
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