Man pages for rpcdsearch
Tools for the Construction of Clinical Code Lists for Primary Care Database Studies

definition_searchThis function is used to build new definition lists based on...
export_definition_searchExports definition searches to an excel file
get_EHR_attributeReturn the value of an attribute in the .ehr environment
import_definitionsImports definitions to be searched from a csv file into a...
list_EHR_attributesLists all of the EHR attribute names in .ehr
MedicalDefinitionConstructor function for MedicalDefinition class
print.MedicalDefinitionBasic print method for medical definition classes
rpcdsearchThe rpcdsearch package.
set_CPRDSets EHR metadata to CPRD format When this is run, most...
set_EHR_attributeSets the value of an attribute in the .ehr environment
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