rpostgis: R Interface to a 'PostGIS' Database

Provides an interface between R and 'PostGIS'-enabled 'PostgreSQL' databases to transparently transfer spatial data. Both vector (points, lines, polygons) and raster data are supported in read and write modes. Also provides convenience functions to execute common procedures in 'PostgreSQL/PostGIS'.

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AuthorMathieu Basille [aut], David Bucklin [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-03-14 17:01:08
MaintainerDavid Bucklin <dbucklin@ufl.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

dbAddKey: Add key.

dbAsDate: Converts to timestamp.

dbBuildTableQuery: Builds CREATE TABLE query for a data frame object.

dbColumn: Add or remove a column.

dbComment: Comment table/view/schema.

dbConnCheck: Check if a supported PostgreSQL connection

dbDrop: Drop table/view/schema.

dbExistsTable: Check if a PostgreSQL table/view exists

dbIndex: Create an index.

dbSchema: Check and create schema.

dbTableInfo: Get information about table columns.

dbTableNameFix: Format input for database schema/table names.

dbVacuum: Vacuum.

dbVersion: Returns major.minor version of PostgreSQL (for version...

dbWriteDataFrame: Write/read in data frame mode to/from database table.

pgGetBoundary: Retrieve bounding envelope of geometries or rasters.

pgGetGeom: Load a PostGIS geometry from a PostgreSQL table/view/query...

pgGetGeomQ: Load geometries from a full query and return a Spatial*...

pgGetLines: Load a PostGIS linestring geometry from a PostgreSQL...

pgGetPolys: Load a PostGIS polygon geometry from a PostgreSQL table/view...

pgGetPts: Load a PostGIS point geometry from a PostgreSQL table/view...

pgGetRast: Load raster from PostGIS database.

pgInsert: Inserts data into a PostgreSQL table.

pgInsertizeGeom: Format R data objects for insert into a PostgreSQL table.

pgListGeom: List geometries.

pgMakePts: Add a POINT or LINESTRING geometry field.

pgPostGIS: Check and create PostGIS extension.

pgSRID: Find (or create) PostGIS SRID based on CRS object.

pgWriteRast: Write raster to PostGIS database table.

roe_gps_data: Example data from a GPS tracking project

rpostgis: R interface to a PostGIS database.


dbAddKey Man page
dbAsDate Man page
dbBuildTableQuery Man page
dbColumn Man page
dbComment Man page
dbConnCheck Man page
dbDrop Man page
dbExistsTable Man page
dbIndex Man page
dbReadDataFrame Man page
dbReadDF Man page
dbSchema Man page
dbTableInfo Man page
dbTableNameFix Man page
dbVacuum Man page
dbVersion Man page
dbWriteDataFrame Man page
dbWriteDF Man page
pgGetBoundary Man page
pgGetGeom Man page
pgGetGeomQ Man page
pgGetLines Man page
pgGetPolys Man page
pgGetPts Man page
pgGetRast Man page
pgInsert Man page
pgInsertize Man page
pgInsertizeGeom Man page
pgListGeom Man page
pgMakePts Man page
pgMakeStp Man page
pgPostGIS Man page
pgSRID Man page
pgWriteRast Man page
print.pgi Man page
roe_gps_data Man page
roe_raster Man page
roe_sensors_animals_tables Man page
roe_vector_geom Man page
rpostgis Man page
rpostgis-package Man page

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