Man pages for rpostgis
R Interface to a 'PostGIS' Database

bsReturn indexes for an exact number of blocks for a raster
dbAddKeyAdd key.
dbAsDateConverts to timestamp.
dbBuildTableQueryBuilds CREATE TABLE query for a data frame object.
dbColumnAdd or remove a column.
dbCommentComment table/view/schema.
dbConnCheckCheck if a supported PostgreSQL connection
dbDropDrop table/view/schema.
dbExistsTableCheck if a PostgreSQL table/view exists
dbGetDefsGet definitions for data frame mode reading
dbIndexCreate an index.
dbSchemaCheck and create schema.
dbTableInfoGet information about table columns.
dbTableNameFixFormat input for database schema/table names.
dbVersionReturns major.minor version of PostgreSQL (for version...
dbWriteDataFrameWrite/read in data frame mode to/from database table.
pgCheckGeomCheck if geometry or geography column exists in a table, and...
pgGetBoundaryRetrieve bounding envelope of geometries or rasters.
pgGetGeomLoad a PostGIS geometry from a PostgreSQL table/view/query...
pgGetGeomQLoad geometries from a full query and return a Spatial*...
pgGetRastLoad raster from PostGIS database into R.
pgGetSRIDGet SRID(s) from a geometry/geography column in a full table
pgInsertInserts data into a PostgreSQL table.
pgInsertizeGeomFormat R data objects for insert into a PostgreSQL table.
pgListGeomList geometries/rasters
pgMakePtsAdd a POINT or LINESTRING geometry field.
pgPostGISCheck and create PostGIS extension.
pgSRIDFind (or create) PostGIS SRID based on CRS object.
pgWriteGeomInserts data into a PostgreSQL table.
pgWriteRastWrite raster to PostGIS database table.
rpostgisR interface to a PostGIS database.
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