Man pages for rpostgisLT
Managing Animal Movement Data with 'PostGIS' and R

asPgtrajImports location data from a database table into the pgtraj...
createShinyBurstsViewCreate a materialized view of all bursts for the shiny app
createShinyStepsViewCreate a materialized view of the steps of a pgtraj for the...
createShinyViewsCreate database views that are suitable for explorePgtraj()
dbBuildTableQueryBuilds CREATE TABLE query for a data frame object.
dbConnCheckCheck if a supported PostgreSQL connection
dbExistsTableCheck if a PostgreSQL table/view exists
dbTableNameFixFormat input for database schema/table names.
dbVersionReturns major.minor version of PostgreSQL (for version...
explorePgtrajExplore a pgtraj interactively in a Shiny app
findGeoTypeFigures out whether the provided database relation contains...
getAnimalsDfGet distinct animal names in step_geometry view
getBurstGeomGet geometry of bursts as linestring
getBurstsDFGet distinct burst names in a step_geometry view
getFullTrajGet the complete trajectory of an animal as a single...
getInfolocsColumnsGet all columns in the infolocs table but the step_id
getLayersGet base layers from database
getPgtrajWithInfoGet pgtraj with infolocs as a data frame (used in...
getStepWindowGet steps within a temporal window
getTrajDefaultsGet default time parameters for steps
is_blankTest if an argument is either NA, NULL, NaN or empty string.
isRasterDoes a table contain raster data?
isVectorDoes a table contain vector data?
ld_optQuick Conversion of Objects of Class ltraj from and to data...
ltraj2pgtrajExport ltraj object from R to a PostGIS database.
pgtraj2ltrajImport a pgtraj into an ltraj.
pgTrajDB2TempTInsert relocations from a source table into the table...
pgtrajDropDelete a pgtraj/unused rows from a traj schema.
pgtrajSchemaCheck/create pgtraj schema.
pgTrajTempTCreates a temporary table in the 'traj' schema.
pgtrajVacuumVACUUM a pgtraj schema.
pgTrajViewParamsComputes the trajectory parameters (as in ltraj) for a pgtraj...
pgTrajViewStepGeomCreates a view of the step geometries for visualization.
roe_gps_dataExample data from a GPS tracking project
rpostgisLTIntegration of ltraj (adehabitatLT) and pgtraj (PostGIS).
setTimeInputSet a lubridate::lubridate::period value from...
test_inputTest inputs for the functions pgTrajDB2TempT()
trajSummaryViewsCreate views that summarize all pgtrajes (and pgtraj bursts)...
updateNumericTimeInputConvert the value of input$interval/increment to the unit...
writeInfoFromDBWrite infolocs table to database from database in...
writeInfoFromLtrajWrite infolocs table to database from ltraj in ltraj2pgtraj()
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