Man pages for rqPen
Penalized Quantile Regression

beta_plotsPlots of Betas
checkQuantile check function Penalized Quantile Regression Coefficients Quantile Regression Coefficients
cv_plotsPlots of Cross-validation results Validated quantile regression with group penalty
cv.rq.penCross Validated quantile regression
get_coef_penReturns the coefficient part of the penalized objective...
getRhoObjective Function Value
group_derivsDerivative of a group penalty
groupMultLambdaQuantile Regression with Group Penalty for multiple lambdas
kernel_estimatesKernel based estimates of Y|X
kernel_weightsNonparametric estimate of IPW weights
LASSO.fitLASSO Penalized Quantile Regression Penalized Quantile Regression with some nonpenalized...
mcp_derivMCP Derivative
model_evalModel Evaluation
pos_partPositive part from a cv quantile regression penalized model
predict.rq.penPrediction from a quantile regression penalized model cv.rq.pen object
print.rq.penPrint rq.pen object
qaSISQuantile Adaptive Sure Independence Screening
qbicQuantile Regresion BIC
QICDPenalized Quantile Regression with QICD Algorithm
QICD.groupGroup Penalized Quantile Regression with QICD Algorithm
QICD.masterMaster QICD Function for Regular QICD, group QICD, and...
QICD.nonpenPenalized Quantile Regression with some nonpenalized...
randomly_assignRandomly Assign Regresion with Group Penalty Regresion with Group Penalty using linear...
rq.lasso.fitQuantile Regression with LASSO penalty Quantile Regression model for varying quantiles with... penalized quantile regression
rqPen-packagePenalized quantile regression for LASSO, SCAD, and MCP...
scad_derivSCAD Derivative
squareSquare function
transform_coefsTransform coefficients back to original scale
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