Man pages for rres
Realized Relatedness Estimation and Simulation

check.pedinfoCheck pedigree information.
fgl2ibdScore IBD state.
fgl2relatednessScore pairwise relatedness.
get.pedindexGet pedigree index.
grm.matrixGRM for multiple individuals
grm.pairGRM for a pair of individuals.
ibd.lengthScore IBD length.
ibd.markerScore IBD sharing at a list of marker positions.
ibd.proportionScore IBD proportion.
ibd.segmentScore IBD sharing by segment.
ld.weightsLD weights
populate.snpPopulate SNPs.
read.plink.binaryRead PLINK binary file.
read.plink.textRead PLINK text file.
recode.ibdRecode IBD sharing.
recode.snpdataRecode SNP marker data.
sim.haplotypeSimulate artificial haplotypes.
sim.recombSimulate inheritance on a given pedigree.
write.ibdhaploWrite IBDHAPLO
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