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Reduced-Rank Regression

coefEstimated coefficients
cv.mrrrMixed-response reduced-rank regression with rank selected by...
cv.rrrReduced-rank regression with rank selected by cross...
cv.sofarSparse orthognal factor regression tuned by cross validation
cv.srrrRow-sparse reduced-rank regression tuned by cross validation
mrrrGeneralized or mixed-response reduced-rank regression
plotScatter Plot
r4Robust reduced-rank regression
rrrMultivariate reduced-rank linear regression
rrr.cookDCook's distance in reduced-rank regression for model...
rrr.fitFitting reduced-rank regression with a specific rank
rrr.leverageLeverage scores and Cook's distance in reduced-rank...
rrr.sim1Simulation model 1
rrr.sim2Simulation model 2
rrr.sim3Simulation model 3
rrr.sim4Simulation model 4
rrr.sim5Simulation model 5
rrs.fitFitting reduced-rank ridge regression with given rank and...
rssvdReduced-rank regression with a sparse singular value...
sofarSparse orthogonal factor regression
srrrRow-sparse reduced-eank regresssion
summarySummarize rrpack Objects
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