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knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE ,message=FALSE,warning=FALSE,comment=NA,eval=FALSE,


If you are a data scientist or researcher, you will certainly be interested in reproducible research. With R package rrtable, you can make a MS Powerpoint file easily with a R code.

Make The Powerpoint File with R plot/ggplot

You can make the Powerpoint file easily with R plot with or without R code.


You can make a Powerpoint file with this ggplot object.


If you want to show R code as well as plot, you can use R code string and set the echo argument TRUE.

plot2pptx(x,echo=TRUE,title="A ggplot")

By default, "Report.pptx" file will be generated

You can append a plot to existing Powerpoint file with a string of R code.


You can add R code on the slide by setting the argument echo TRUE.

Add a data.frame to the Powerpoint file

You can add a data.frame to the Powerpoint file.

table2pptx("head(iris)", echo=TRUE,append=TRUE)

Add the result of R code to the Powerpoint file

You can add the R code and the result of R code to the Powerpoint file

fit=lm(mpg~ wt*hp, data=mtcars)

Add the result of statistical analysis to the Powerpoint file

You can add the result of statistical analysis to the Powerpoint file

fit2=aov(yield ~ block + N * P + K, data = npk)
table2pptx(fit2,title="ANOVA result",append=TRUE,vanilla=TRUE)


table2pptx("aov(yield ~ block + N * P + K, data = npk)",
           title="ANOVA result",echo=TRUE,append=TRUE,vanilla=TRUE)

You can use class of "matrix","lm","fitdistr","nls","aov","anova","glm","coxph","prcomp" or "summary.prcomp" object using table2pptx() file.

Adding the 2 plots/ggplots on a slide

You can add 2 plots on a slide side by side.

plot2office(x,title="2 plots",parallel=TRUE,echo=TRUE,append=TRUE)

You can download sample Powerpoint file: Report.pptx - view with office web viewer

Shiny app using package rrtable

You can see the shiny app using package rrtable with the following R command.


Press the load SampleData button of the shiny app and enjoy!

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