Man pages for rrtable
Reproducible Research with a Table of R Codes

add_2flextablesAdd two flextables into a document object
add_2ggplotsAdd two ggplots into a document object
add_2plotsAdd two plots into a document object
add_flextableAdd a flextable or mytable object into a document object
add_ggplotAdd ggplot into a document object
add_imgAdd plot into a document object
add_plotAdd plot into a document object
add_RcodeMake a R code slide into a document object
add_selfadd self data to document
add_textAdd text to document
add_text2hyperlinkAdd hyperlink text
add_titleAdd title to docx file
add_title_slideAdd title slide
data2docxconvert data to docx file
data2HTMLMake a HTML5 file with a data.frame
data2officeconvert data to pptx file
data2pdfMake a pdf file with a data.frame
data2plotzipMake zipped plot file with a data.frame
data2pptxconvert data to pptx file
df2flextableConvert data.frame to flextable
df2flextable2Make flextable with limited width
df2RcodeTableMake a flextable with a data.frame
exportCSVExport pptxList file to desired format
flextable2ztableConvert flextable to ztable
html2latexConvert html5 code to latex
HTMLcode2latexConvert HTML table to latex table
insert_argumentreplace argument of a function
mycatConcatenate to file
mygrepgrep string in all files in subdirectory
myplot2Make zipped plots with a data.frame
mytable2flextableConvert mytable object to flextable
plotPDF2Make pdf file with a plot code
plotPNG2Make png file with a plot code
plotSVG2Make SVG file with a plot code
pptxListServer function of pptxList shiny module
pptxListInputUI of pptxList shiny module
Rcode2dfMake a data.frame with character strings encoding R code
Rcode2flextableMake a flextable object with character strings encoding R...
readCommentRead comment from a file
replace_argumentreplace argument of a function
roundDfConvert numeric columns of data.frame to character
sampleData2Sample data for pptxList A dataset containing five objects...
sampleData3Sample data for pptxList A dataset containing five objects...
set_argumentset argument of a function
tensiSplitSplit strings with desired length with exdent
writeCSVCommentWrite a csv file with comment
ztable2Make ztable with desired width
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