Man pages for rsnps
Get 'SNP' ('Single-Nucleotide' 'Polymorphism') Data on the Web

allgensnpGet openSNP genotype data for all users at a particular snp.
allphenotypesGet all openSNP phenotypes, their variations, and how many...
annotationsGet all openSNP phenotypes, their variations, and how many...
download_usersDownload openSNP user files.
fetch_genotypesDownload openSNP genotype data for a user
flipFlip Genotypes
genotypesGet openSNP genotype data for one or multiple users.
get_frequencyInternal function to get the frequency of the variants from...
get_gene_namesInternal function to get gene names.
get_placementsInternal function to get the position, alleles, assembly,...
ld_search-defunctThis function is defunct.
LDSearch-defunctThis function is defunct.
ncbi_snp_queryQuery NCBI's refSNP for information on a set of SNPs via the...
NCBI_snp_query2-defunctThis function is defunct.
NCBI_snp_query-defunctThis function is defunct.
phenotypesGet openSNP phenotype data for one or multiple users.
phenotypes_byidGet all openSNP known variations and all users sharing that...
read_usersRead in openSNP user files from local storage.
release_bulletsFor use with usethis::use_release_issue()
rsnpsCachersnps environment
rsnps-defunctDefunct functions in rsnps
rsnps-packageGet SNP (Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism) Data on the Web
split_to_dfSplit a Vector of Strings Following a Regular Structure
swapSwap Elements in a Vector
usersGet openSNP users.
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