Man pages for rsq
R-Squared and Related Measures

hcrabsSatellites of Female Horseshoe Crabs
hschoolAttendance Behavior of High School Juniors
lifetimeLifetimes in Two Different Environments.
pcorPartial Correlation for Generalized Linear Models
rsqR-Squared for Generalized Linear (Mixed) Models
rsq.glmmR-Squared for Generalized Linear Mixed Models
rsq.klKL-Divergence-Based R-Squared
rsq.lmmR-Squared for Linear Mixed Models
rsq.lrLikelihood-Ratio-Based R-Squared
rsq.nCorrected Likelihood-Ratio-Based R-Squared
rsq.partialPartial R-Squared for Generalized Linear Models
rsq.sseSSE-Based R-Squared
rsq.vVariance-Function-Based R-Squared
simglmSimulate Data from Generalized Linear Models
simglmmSimulate Data from Generalized Linear Mixed Models
simldataSimulate Longitudinal Data
toxoToxoplasmosis Test in El Salvador
vresidualVariance-Function-Based Residuals
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