Man pages for rstap
Spatial Temporal Aggregated Predictor Models via 'stan'

adapt_deltaTarget average acceptance probability
as.matrix.stapregExtract the posterior sample via matrix
check_constant_varsCheck if any variables in a model frame are constants (the...
example_modelExample model
family.stapregfamily method for stapreg objects
formula.stapregformula method for stapreg objects
get_yExtract X, Y or Z from a stapreg object
log_lik.stapregPointwise log-likelihood matrix
model.frame.stapregmodel.frame method for stapreg objects
model.matrix.stapregmodel.matrix method for stapreg objects
nsapRetrieves number of temporal aggregated predictors
nstapRetrieves number of Spatial-temporal aggregated predictors
ntapRetrieves number of temporal aggregated predictors
pairs.stapregPairs method for stapreg objects
plot.stapregPlot method for stapreg objects
posterior_interval.stapregPosterior uncertainty intervals
posterior_predict.stapregDraw from posterior predictive distribution
predictive_errorIn-sample or out-of-sample predictive errors
predictive_interval.stapregPredictive intervals
print.stapregPrint method for stapreg objects
priorsPrior distributions and options
prior_summary.stapregSummarize the priors used for an rstap model
rstap-datasetsDatasets for rstap examples
rstap-packageThe 'rstap' package.
seExtract standard errors
stap_dataCreate a stap_data object
stap_glmBayesian generalized spatial-temporal aggregated...
stap_glmerBayesian spatial-temporal generalized linear models with...
stap_glm.fitFitting Generalized Linear STAP models
stapregCreate a stapreg object
stapreg-methodsMethods for stapreg objects
stapreg-objectsFitted model objects
stap_terminationSpatial-Temporal Exposure Termination-Maximization Estimates
summary.stapregSummary method for stapreg objects
terms.stapregterms method for stapreg objects
validate_distancedataValidate distance_data
validate_familyCheck family argument
validate_newdataValidate newsubjdata argument for posterior_predict, log_lik,...
validate_timedataValidate time_data
validate_weightsCheck weights argument
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