Man pages for rstiefel
Random orthonormal matrix generation on the Stiefel manifold

NullCNull Space of a Matrix
rbing.matrix.gibbsGibbs Sampling for the Matrix-variate Bingham Distribution
rbing.O2Simulate a 2*2 Orthogonal Random Matrix
rbing.OpSimulate a 'p*p' Orthogonal Random Matrix
rbing.vector.gibbsGibbs Sampling for the Vector-variate Bingham Distribution
rbmf.matrix.gibbsGibbs Sampling for the Matrix-variate Bingham-von...
rbmf.O2Simulate a '2*2' Orthogonal Random Matrix
rbmf.vector.gibbsGibbs Sampling for the Vector-variate Bingham-von...
rmf.matrixSimulate a Random Orthonormal Matrix
rmf.matrix.gibbsGibbs Sampling for the Matrix-variate von Mises-Fisher...
rmf.vectorSimulate a Random Normal Vector
rstiefel-packageRandom Orthonormal Matrix Generation on the Stiefel Manifold
rustiefelSiumlate a Uniformly Distributed Random Orthonormal Matrix
rWSimulate 'W' as Described in Wood(1994)
ry_bingHelper Function for Sampling a Bingham-distributed Vector
ry_bmfHelper Function for Sampling a Bingham-von...
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