Man pages for rstudioapi
Safely Access the RStudio API

addThemeAdd a Custom Editor Theme
applyThemeApply an Editor Theme to RStudio
askForPasswordAsk the user for a password interactively
askForSecretPrompt user for secret
bugReportFile an RStudio Bug Report
build-toolsBuild Tools
callFunCall an RStudio API function
chunk-callbacksRegister and Unregister a Chunk Callback
convertThemeConvert a tmTheme to an RStudio Theme
createProjectTemplateCreate a Project Template
dictionariesInteract with RStudio's Dictionaries
document_positionCreate a Document Position
document_rangeCreate a Range
executeCommandExecute Command
file-dialogsSelect a file / folder
filesPaneNavigateNavigate to a Directory in the Files Pane
getActiveProjectRetrieve path to active RStudio project
getRStudioPackageDependenciesGet RStudio Package Dependencies
getThemeInfoRetrieve Themes
getThemesGet Theme List
getVersionReturn the current version of the RStudio API
hasColorConsoleCheck if console supports ANSI color escapes.
hasFunExists/get for RStudio functions
highlightUiHighlight UI Elements within the RStudio IDE
isAvailableCheck if RStudio is running
isJobDetect RStudio Jobs
jobAddAdd a Job
jobAddOutputAdd Background Job Output
jobAddProgressAdd Background Job Progress
jobRemoveRemove a Background Job
jobRunScriptRun R Script As Background Job
jobSetProgressSet Background Job Progress
jobSetStateSet Background Job State
jobSetStatusSet Background Job Status
launcherAvailableCheck if Workbench Launcher is Available
launcherConfigDefine a Workbench Launcher Configuration
launcherContainerDefine a Workbench Launcher Container
launcherControlJobInteract with (Control) a Workbench Job
launcherGetInfoRetrieve Workbench Launcher Information
launcherGetJobRetrieve Workbench Job Information
launcherGetJobsRetrieve Workbench Job Information
launcherHostMountDefine a Workbench Launcher Host Mount
launcherNfsMountDefine a Workbench Launcher NFS Mount
launcherPlacementConstraintDefine a Workbench Launcher Placement Constraint
launcherResourceLimitDefine a Workbench Launcher Resource Limit
launcherSubmitJobSubmit a Workbench Job
launcherSubmitRExecute an R Script as a Workbench Job
navigateToFileNavigate to file
persistent-valuesPersistent keys and values
previewRdPreview an Rd topic in the Help pane
previewSqlPreview SQL statement
primary_selectionExtract the Primary Selection
projectsOpen a project in RStudio
readPreferenceRead Preference
readRStudioPreferenceRead RStudio Preference
registerCommandCallbackRegister Command Callback
registerCommandStreamCallbackRegister Command Stream Callback
removeThemeRemove a custom theme from RStudio.
restartSessionRestart the R Session
rstudio-documentsInteract with Documents open in RStudio
rstudio-editorsRetrieve Information about an RStudio Editor
savePlotAsImageSave active RStudio plot image
selectionsManipulate User Selections in the RStudio IDE
sendToConsoleSend code to the R console
showDialogShow Dialog Box
showPromptShow Prompt Dialog Box
showQuestionShow Question Dialog Box
sourceMarkersDisplay source markers
systemUsernameGet System Username
terminalActivateActivate Terminal
terminalBufferGet Terminal Buffer
terminalBusyIs Terminal Busy
terminalClearClear Terminal Buffer
terminalContextRetrieve Information about RStudio Terminals
terminalCreateCreate a Terminal
terminalExecuteExecute Command
terminalExitCodeTerminal Exit Code
terminalKillKill Terminal
terminalListGet All Terminal Ids
terminalRunningIs Terminal Running
terminalSendSend Text to a Terminal
terminalVisibleGet Visible Terminal
translateLocalUrlTranslate Local URL
unregisterCommandCallbackUnregister Command Callback
updateDialogUpdates a Dialog Box
userIdentityGet User Identity
versionInfoRStudio version information
viewerView local web content within RStudio
writePreferenceWrite Preference
writeRStudioPreferenceWrite RStudio Preference
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