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Interface to 'Sunlight' Foundation 'APIs'

cg_billGet a specific bill
cg_bill_amendmentsSearch for data on amendments for a specific bill
cg_bill_cosponsorsGet cosponsors for a specific bill
cg_bill_related_billsGet related bills for a specific bill
cg_billsSearch bills
cg_bills_recentGet recent bills
cg_bills_recent_memberGet recent bills by member id
cg_bills_recent_subjectGet recent bills by subject
cg_bill_subjectsGet Library of Congress-assigned subjects about a particular...
cg_bill_subjects_searchSearch for bill subjects that contain a specified term
cg_bills_upcomingSearch for upcoming bills
cg_districts-defunctGet districts for a latitude/longitude or zips
cg_documents-defunctSearch for data on documents
cg_floor_updates-defunctSearch for data on upcoming bills.
cg_hearings-defunctSearch for data on hearings
cg_legislators-defunctSearch for legislators.
cg_state_party_countesstate party counts
cg_votes-defunctThis function is defunct.
committeescommittees methods
cw_dates-defunctFind the popularity of a phrase over a period of time
cw_phrases-defunctList the top phrases for a facet.
cw_text-defunctFull-text search the congressional record for instances of a...
cw_timeseries-defunctFind the popularity of a phrase over a period of time.
floor_actionsfloor actions methods
ie_contracts-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_contr_bundled-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_contr-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_earmarks-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_entities-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_epa-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_faca-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_grants-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_individuals-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_industries-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_lobbying-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_organizations-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_politicians-defunctThis function is defunct.
ie_sectors-defunctThis function is defunct.
membersMembers functions
nominationsnominations methods
os_billlookupLookup bills on OpenStates.
os_billsearchSearch OpenStates bills.
os_committeeLookup a Committee by ID
os_committeesSearch OpenStates committees
os_districtGet OpenStates districts boundary by boundary id
os_districtsSearch OpenStates districts
os_legislatorLookup a Legislator by ID
os_legislatorgeoLookup Legislators geospatially
os_legislatorsearchSearch Legislators on OpenStates.
os_statemetasearchSearch OpenStates metadata
rsunlight-defunctDefunct functions in rsunlight
rsunlight-packageMethods for retreiving data from APIs that were previously...
sessionsCongressional sessions, up to the 114th (2015-2016)
statementsstatements methods
votesvotes methods
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