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Article Formats for R Markdown

acm_articleAssociation for Computing Machinery (ACM) format.
acs_articleAmerican Chemical Society (ACS) Journal format.
aea_articleAmerican Economic Association journal submissions.
amq_articleFormat pour Bulletin de l'AMQ.
ams_articleAmerican Meteorological Society (AMS) Journal format.
asa_articleAmerican Statistical Association (ASA) Journal format.
biometrics_articleBiometrics Journal format.
copernicus_articleCopernicus journals format.
ctexA PDF format for documents based on the LaTeX package 'ctex'
elsevier_articleElsevier journal format.
ieee_articleIEEE Transactions journal format.
jss_articleJournal of Statistical Software (JSS) format.
mdpi_articleMDPI journal format.
mnras_articleMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS)...
peerj_articlePeerJ journal format.
plos_articlePLOS journal format.
pnas_articlePNAS journal format.
rjournal_articleR Journal format.
rsos_articleRoyal Society Open Science journal format.
rss_articleRoyal Statistical Society Journal Format
sage_articleSage Journals format.
sim_articleStatistics in Medicine format.
springer_articleSpringer Journal format.
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