rjournal_article: R Journal format.

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Format for creating R Journal articles. Adapted from https://journal.r-project.org/submissions.html.


rjournal_article(..., keep_tex = TRUE, citation_package = "natbib")



Arguments to rmarkdown::pdf_document.


Keep the intermediate tex file used in the conversion to PDF


The LaTeX package to process citations, natbib or biblatex. Use default if neither package is to be used, which means citations will be processed via the command pandoc-citeproc.


This file is only a basic article template. For full details of The R Journal style and information on how to prepare your article for submission, see the Instructions for Authors

About this format and the R Journal requirements

rticles::rjournal_article will help you build the correct files requirements:

About YAML header fields

This section documents some of the YAML fields that can be used with this formats.

The author field in the YAML header

name required name and surname of the author
affiliation required name of the author's affiliation
address required at least one address line for the affiliation
url optional an additional url for the author or the main affiliation
orcid optional the authors ORCID if available
email required the author's e-mail address
affiliation2 optional name of the author's 2nd affiliation
address2 optional address lines belonging to the author's 2nd affiliation

Please note: Only one url, orcid and email can be provided per author.

Other YAML fields

bibliography with default the BibTeX file with the reference entries

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