Man pages for rtrim
Trends and Indices for Monitoring Data

check_observationsCheck whether there are sufficient observations to run a...
ci_multipliersCompute Std.err ==> multipliers.
coef.trimExtract TRIM model coefficients.
confint.trimCompute time-totals confidence interval
count_summaryCompute a summary of counts
get_coefExtract model coefficients from 'tof' object
get_estimation_methodExtract estimation method from 'tof' object
get_gofExtract goodness of fit from 'tof' object
get_modelExtract model type from 'tof' object
get_n_siteExtract nr of times from 'tof' object
get_n_timeExtract nr of sites from 'tof' object
get_overal_imputed_slopeExtract overall imputed slope 'tof' object
get_time_indicesExtract time indices from 'tof' object
get_time_totalsExtract time totals from 'tof' object
get_versionExtract TRIM version used for output
get_waldExtract Wald test parameters from 'tof' object
gofExtract TRIM goodness-of-fit information.
heatmapPlot a heatmap representation of observed and/or imputed...
indexExtract time-indices from TRIM output.
now_whatGive advice on further refinement of TRIM models
overallCompute overall slope
overdispersionExtract overdispersion from trim object
oystercatcherOystercatcher population data
plot.trim.indexPlot time-indices from trim output.
plot.trim.overallPlot overall slope
plot.trim.totalsPlot time-totals from trim output.
print.count.summaryprint a count summary
print.trimprint a 'trim' object
print.trimcommandprint a trimcommand object
print.trim.gofPrint method for 'trim.gof'
print.trim.overallPrint an object of class trim.overall
print.trim.waldPrint an object of class trim.wald
read_tcfRead a TRIM command file
read_tdfRead TRIM data files
read_tofRead a TRIM3 output file
read_vcvRead a TRIM3 variance-covariance output file
resultscollect observed, modelled, and imputed counts from TRIM...
rtrim-packageTrend and Indices for Monitoring Data
serial_correlationExtract serial correlation from TRIM object
set_trim_verboseSet verbosity of trim model functions
skylarkSkylark population data
summary.trimSummary information for a TRIM job
summary.trimbatchsummarize a trimbatch object
totalsExtract time-totals from TRIM output
trimEstimate TRIM model parameters.
trimcommandCreate a trimcommand object
trim_estimateTRIM estimation function
trim_refineTRIM stepwise refinement
trim_workhorseTRIM workhorse function
vcov.trimExtract variance-covariance matrix from TRIM output
waldTest significance of TRIM coefficients with the Wald test
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