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Raster Time Series Analysis

apply.monthlyApply a function over calendar periods
cellFromXYGet cell number from row, column or XY
endpointsLocate endpoints by time
extractExtract values from raster time series
extractIndexExrtract values from raster time series
indexExtracting and replacing the index of raster time series
ModisDownloadDownload, reproject, and mosaic Modis satellite images
period.applyApply a function over specified time intervals
plotPlot raster time series
RasterStackBrick-classrts classes
read.rtsRead raster time Series data from a file
rtsCreate a Raster Time Series object
subsetSubset layers in a raster time series object
subsetIndexSubset layers in a raster time series object by index
VHPdownloadDownload AVHRR-based Vegetation and Drought satellite image...
write.rtsWrite raster time Series data to a file
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