subsetIndex: Subset layers in a raster time series object by index

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Subset layers in a raster time series object by index


Extract layers from a Raster*TS object by index (i.e. double bracket, [[).


This function can be used to extract a raster layer or a set of raster lasyers based on the time-index using date-like string. The format must left-specied with respect to the standard ISO:8601 time format "CCYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS". It is also possible to specify a range of times via the index-based subsetting, using ISO-recommended "/" as the range operator. The basic form is "from/to", where both are optional. If either side is missing, it is interpretted as a request to retrieve raster layers from the beginning, or through the end of the raster time series object. Both subset function and '[[' operator do the same thing.


RasterStackTS or RasterBrickTS.


x[[i, ...]]


i - indicates the layers (represented as a vector of numeric or character string relevant to time index, or by a time-based object).

... - same as ... in subset function in package raster


Babak Naimi

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## Not run: 
file <- system.file("external/ndvi", package="rts")

ndvi <- rts(file) # read the ndvi time series from the specified file

s1 <- ndvi[["2000-01-01/2000-05-31"]]



## End(Not run)

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