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Dataset from 2017 with Questions and Answers in the Belgium Federal Parliament


Dataset from 2017 with Questions asked by members of the Belgian Federal Parliament and the Answers provided to these questions.
The dataset was extracted from and contains questions asked by persons in the Belgium Federal parliament and answers given by the departments of the Federal Belgian Ministers.
The language of this dataset provided in this R package has been restricted to Dutch.

The dataset contains the following information:

  • doc_id: a unique identifier

  • depotdat: the date when the question was registered

  • aut_party / aut_person / aut_language: who asked the question and which political party is he/she a member of + the language of the person who asked the question

  • question: the question itself (always in Dutch)

  • question_theme_main: the main theme of the question

  • question_theme: a comma-separated list of all themes the question is about

  • answer: the answer given by the department of the minister (always in Dutch)

  • answer_deptpres, answer_department, answer_subdepartment: to which ministerial department has the question been raised to and answered by

Source, data is provided by in the public domain (CC0).



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