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Attempt to Locate a JAGS Install


Search the most likely locations for JAGS to be installed on the users system, based on the operating system, and return the most likely path to try. Where multiple installs exist, findjags will attempt to return the path to the install with the highest version number. For Unix systems, calling jags using 'jags' requires the jags binary to be in the search path, which may be specified in your user '.Profile' if necessary (the JAGS executable is also looked for in the default install location of /usr/local/bin/jags if popen support is enabled).


findjags(ostype = .Platform$OS.type, look_in = NA, ...)



the operating system type. There is probably no reason to want to change this...


for Windows only, the path to a folder (or vector of folders) which contains another folder with name containing 'JAGS', where the JAGS executable(s) are to be found. findjags() will attempt to find the highest version, assuming that the version number is somewhere in the file path to the executable (as per default installation).


provided for compatibility with deprecated arguments.


A path or command for the most likely location of the desired JAGS executable on the system. On unix this will always be 'jags', on Windows for example "C:/Program Files/JAGS/bin/jags-terminal.exe" or "C:/Program Files/JAGS/JAGS-1.0.0/bin/jags-terminal.exe"

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