rwunderground: R Interface to Weather Underground API

Tools for getting historical weather information and forecasts from Historical weather and forecast data includes, but is not limited to, temperature, humidity, windchill, wind speed, dew point, heat index. Additionally, the weather underground weather API also includes information on sunrise/sunset, tidal conditions, satellite/webcam imagery, weather alerts, hurricane alerts and historical record high/low temperatures.

AuthorAlex Shum <>
Date of publication2015-08-29 09:40:05
MaintainerAlex Shum <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

alerts: Weather Alerts for United States and Europe

almanac: Average and record high and low temperatures for current date...

astronomy: Moon phase, sunrise and sunset times for today.

base_url: Base URL for wunderground API

build_url: Build wunderground request URL

conditions: Current conditions including current temperature, weather...

current_hurricane: Current hurricane - within the US only. Note: all times in...

encode_NA: Processes data.frames and replaces wunderground's -9999/-999...

forecast10day: Forecast for the next 10 days.

forecast3day: Forecast for the next 3 days.

geolookup: Lists nearby weather stations for a given location

get_api_key: Returns the wunderground API key

has_api_key: Detects if wunderground API key is set

history: Hourly weather data for specified date.

history_daily: Summarized weather data for specified date.

history_range: Hourly weather data for specified date range.

hourly: Hourly forecast for the next 24 hours.

hourly10day: Hourly forecast for the next 10 days.

is_valid_airport: Checks if airport code is valid

is_valid_territory: Checks if country/state is a valid one

list_airports: Returns a data.frame of valid airport codes (ICAO and IATA).

list_countries: Returns a data.frame of valid countries with iso...

list_states: Returns a data.frame of valid states with abbreviations and...

lookup_airport: Lookup airport code (IATA and ICAO code). weatherunderground...

lookup_country_code: Lookup ISO country code weatherunderground API doesn't...

planner: Weather summary based on historical information between the...

rawtide: Raw Tidal data with data every 5 minutes for US locations...

satellite: Returns image URL for satellite imagery

set_api_key: Sets the wunderground API key

set_location: Specifies location of request

stop_for_error: Detect and stop for any wunderground request errors

tide: Tidal information for a location within the USA. Tidal...

webcam: Returns locations of personal weather stations along with...

wunderground_request: wunderground api requests

yesterday: Weather data for yesterday


alerts Man page
almanac Man page
astronomy Man page
base_url Man page
build_url Man page
conditions Man page
current_hurricane Man page
encode_NA Man page
forecast10day Man page
forecast3day Man page
geolookup Man page
get_api_key Man page
has_api_key Man page
history Man page
history_daily Man page
history_range Man page
hourly Man page
hourly10day Man page
is_valid_airport Man page
is_valid_territory Man page
list_airports Man page
list_countries Man page
list_states Man page
lookup_airport Man page
lookup_country_code Man page
planner Man page
rawtide Man page
satellite Man page
set_api_key Man page
set_location Man page
stop_for_error Man page
tide Man page
webcam Man page
wunderground_request Man page
yesterday Man page


rwunderground/R/yesterday.R rwunderground/R/astronomy.R rwunderground/R/tide.R rwunderground/R/hourly.R rwunderground/R/history.R rwunderground/R/internals.R rwunderground/R/almanac.R rwunderground/R/webcam.R rwunderground/R/hurricane.R rwunderground/R/forecast.R rwunderground/R/satellite.R rwunderground/R/alerts.R rwunderground/R/conditions.R rwunderground/R/location.R rwunderground/R/key.R rwunderground/R/planner.R rwunderground/R/geolookup.R
rwunderground/man/set_location.Rd rwunderground/man/wunderground_request.Rd rwunderground/man/history_daily.Rd rwunderground/man/base_url.Rd rwunderground/man/history.Rd rwunderground/man/lookup_country_code.Rd rwunderground/man/lookup_airport.Rd rwunderground/man/is_valid_territory.Rd rwunderground/man/almanac.Rd rwunderground/man/is_valid_airport.Rd rwunderground/man/yesterday.Rd rwunderground/man/astronomy.Rd rwunderground/man/has_api_key.Rd rwunderground/man/geolookup.Rd rwunderground/man/stop_for_error.Rd rwunderground/man/encode_NA.Rd rwunderground/man/current_hurricane.Rd rwunderground/man/rawtide.Rd rwunderground/man/hourly10day.Rd rwunderground/man/hourly.Rd rwunderground/man/list_countries.Rd rwunderground/man/tide.Rd rwunderground/man/satellite.Rd rwunderground/man/history_range.Rd rwunderground/man/forecast3day.Rd rwunderground/man/list_states.Rd rwunderground/man/forecast10day.Rd rwunderground/man/webcam.Rd rwunderground/man/set_api_key.Rd rwunderground/man/get_api_key.Rd rwunderground/man/planner.Rd rwunderground/man/build_url.Rd rwunderground/man/alerts.Rd rwunderground/man/conditions.Rd rwunderground/man/list_airports.Rd

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