make_sankey: Create an object that describes a sankey plot

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Create an object that describes a sankey plot


make_sankey(nodes = NULL, edges, y = c("optimal", "simple"),
  break_edges = FALSE, gravity = c("center", "top", "bottom"))



A data frame of nodes on the plot, and possibly their visual style. The first column must be the ids of the nodes. If this argument is NULL, then the ids of the nodes are determined from edges.


A data frame of the edges. The first two columns must be node ids, and they define the edges. The rest of the columns contain the visual style of the edges.


How to calculate vertical coordinates of nodes, if they are not given in the input. optimal tries to minimize edge crossings, simple simply packs nodes in the order they are given, from bottom to top.


Whether to plot each edge as two segments, or a single one. Sometimes two segment plots look better.


Whether to push the nodes to the top, to the bottom or to the center, within a column.


The node and edges data frames may contain columns that specify how the plot is created. All parameters have reasonable default values.

Current list of graphical parameters for nodes:

Current list of graphical parameters for edges:


A sankey object that can be plotted via the sankey function.x

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