sbtools: USGS ScienceBase Tools

Tools for interacting with U.S. Geological Survey ScienceBase <> interfaces. ScienceBase is a data cataloging and collaborative data management platform. Functions included for querying ScienceBase, and creating and fetching datasets.

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AuthorTim Kern [cre], Luke Winslow [aut], Scott Chamberlain [aut], Alison Appling [aut], Jordan Read [aut]
Date of publication2016-09-27 23:43:21
MaintainerTim Kern <>

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Man pages

authenticate_sb: Authenticate to SB for subsequent calls

current_session: Return current cached session

folder_create: Create a folder

identifier_exists: Check if identifier exists

is_logged_in: Check whether you're logged into a ScienceBase session

item_append_files: Upload File to Item

item_create: Create a new SB item

item_exists: check if identifier touple already exists on SB

item_file_download: Download files attached to item

item_get: Retrieve SB item

item_get_fields: Retrieve specific fields from an SB item

item_get_parent: Get an item's parent ID

item_get_wfs: Download and load from SB WFS service

item_list_children: Return IDs for all child items

item_list_files: Get list of files attached to SB item

item_move: Move item from one folder to another

item_rename_files: Rename item attached files

item_replace_files: Replace files associated with an item

item_rm: Remove item from SB

item_rm_files: Remove files associated with an item

item_rm_recursive: Remove an item completely by recursively removing its child...

items_create: Create many new SB items

items_rm: Remove items from SB

items_update: Update many SB items with new metadata

items_upsert: Upsert many SB items

item_update: Update a SB item with new metadata

item_update_identifier: Add custom identifier to an existing item

item_upload_create: Upload file(s) and create a new item

item_upsert: Upsert an SB item

query_item_identifier: Query SB for items based on custom identifier

query_item_in_folder: Search within an SB folder

query_items: Query SB for items using generic query parameters

query_sb: Query SB for items using generic query parameters

query_sb_datatype: Query SB for specific data type

query_sb_date: Query SB for items within a date range

query_sb_doi: Query SB for specific DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

query_sb_spatial: Query SB based on spatial extent

query_sb_text: Query SB for items containing specific text

readPassword: Read in a password from the user

sb_datatypes: Query SB for all available datatypes

sbitem: ScienceBase item class

sb_ping: Ping ScienceBase to see if it's available

sbtools_DELETE: generic DELETEs for sbtools package

sbtools_GET: generic GETs for sbtools package

sbtools-package: R interface to ScienceBase

sbtools_POST: generic POSTs for sbtools package package wrapped for generic...

sbtools_PUT: generic PUTs for sbtools package

session_age: a convienence function for getting the age of a session.

session_age_reset: session reset age

session_details: Get session info

session_expired: Check whether an SB session is expired

session_logout: Logout of a ScienceBase session

session_renew: Checks current session and re-authenticates if necessary

session_set: Set the session to a user-specified value

session_validate: Validate sbtools session state

set_endpoint: Set SB endpoint

set_expiration: Set the expiration

user_id: Get your parent ID


as.sbitem Man page
as.sbitem.default Man page
authenticate_sb Man page
current_session Man page
folder_create Man page
identifier_exists Man page
is_logged_in Man page
is.sbitem Man page
item_append_files Man page
item_create Man page
item_exists Man page
item_file_download Man page
item_get Man page
item_get_fields Man page
item_get_parent Man page
item_get_wfs Man page
item_list_children Man page
item_list_files Man page
item_move Man page
item_rename_files Man page
item_replace_files Man page
item_rm Man page
item_rm_files Man page
item_rm_recursive Man page
items_create Man page
items_rm Man page
items_update Man page
items_upsert Man page
item_update Man page
item_update_identifier Man page
item_upload_create Man page
item_upsert Man page
query_item_identifier Man page
query_item_in_folder Man page
query_items Man page
query_sb Man page
query_sb_datatype Man page
query_sb_date Man page
query_sb_doi Man page
query_sb_spatial Man page
query_sb_text Man page
readPassword Man page
sb_datatypes Man page
sbitem Man page
sb_ping Man page
sbtools Man page
sbtools_DELETE Man page
sbtools_GET Man page
sbtools-package Man page
sbtools_POST Man page
sbtools_PUT Man page
session_age Man page
session_age_reset Man page
session_details Man page
session_expired Man page
session_logout Man page
session_renew Man page
session_set Man page
session_validate Man page
set_endpoint Man page
set_expiration Man page
user_id Man page


tests/testthat/test-eg.R tests/testthat/test-REST.R tests/testthat/test-auth.R tests/testthat/test-expiration.R
demo/figure_map_code.R demo/figure_fault_code.R
R/set_endpoint.R R/item_create.R R/query_sb_datatype.R R/query_items.R R/item_get_fields.R R/query_sb_date.R R/REST_helpers.R R/current_session.R R/session_validate.R R/item_file_download.R R/session_set.R R/query_item_in_folder.R R/session_details.R R/session_age.R R/query_sb_doi.R R/user_id.R R/query_item_identifier.R R/session_age_reset.R R/items_create.R R/item_rename_files.R R/query_sb_text.R R/item_exists.R R/item_append_files.R R/sbtools-package.R R/identifier_exists.R R/item_upsert.R R/item_move.R R/item_rm.R R/is_logged_in.R R/item_update.R R/authenticate_sb.R R/item_rm_files.R R/file_helpers.R R/sb_ping.R R/item_upload_create.R R/item_get.R R/session_authorized.R R/items_update.R R/session_logout.R R/item_list_files.R R/item_get_wfs.R R/item_rm_recursive.R R/item_replace_files.R R/item_get_parent.R R/session_renew.R R/items_rm.R R/item_update_identifier.R R/item_list_children.R R/items_upsert.R R/folder_create.R R/sb_item.R R/query_sb_spatial.R R/AAA.R R/query_sb.R
man/items_create.Rd man/session_set.Rd man/query_items.Rd man/sbtools_GET.Rd man/user_id.Rd man/item_replace_files.Rd man/query_sb.Rd man/sb_ping.Rd man/query_item_identifier.Rd man/item_upsert.Rd man/item_file_download.Rd man/identifier_exists.Rd man/sbitem.Rd man/session_details.Rd man/query_sb_doi.Rd man/query_sb_datatype.Rd man/query_sb_text.Rd man/sbtools_DELETE.Rd man/item_get.Rd man/sbtools_PUT.Rd man/set_expiration.Rd man/current_session.Rd man/sb_datatypes.Rd man/item_update.Rd man/items_rm.Rd man/item_move.Rd man/session_age_reset.Rd man/item_rename_files.Rd man/set_endpoint.Rd man/readPassword.Rd man/session_validate.Rd man/item_exists.Rd man/session_logout.Rd man/sbtools-package.Rd man/item_list_children.Rd man/session_expired.Rd man/item_append_files.Rd man/session_renew.Rd man/item_get_parent.Rd man/sbtools_POST.Rd man/item_list_files.Rd man/query_sb_date.Rd man/item_rm_files.Rd man/query_sb_spatial.Rd man/query_item_in_folder.Rd man/item_update_identifier.Rd man/item_upload_create.Rd man/item_get_wfs.Rd man/is_logged_in.Rd man/item_create.Rd man/authenticate_sb.Rd man/session_age.Rd man/item_rm.Rd man/item_rm_recursive.Rd man/item_get_fields.Rd man/items_upsert.Rd man/folder_create.Rd man/items_update.Rd

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