Man pages for sbtools
USGS ScienceBase Tools

authenticate_sbAuthenticate to SB for subsequent calls
current_sessionReturn current cached session
folder_createCreate a folder
identifier_existsCheck if identifier exists
is_logged_inCheck whether you're logged into a ScienceBase session
item_append_filesUpload File to Item
item_createCreate a new SB item
item_existscheck if identifier touple already exists on SB
item_file_downloadDownload files attached to item
item_getRetrieve SB item
item_get_fieldsRetrieve specific fields from an SB item
item_get_parentGet an item's parent ID
item_get_wfsDownload and load from SB WFS service (Deprecated)
item_list_childrenReturn IDs for all child items
item_list_filesGet list of files attached to SB item
item_moveMove item from one folder to another
item_rename_filesRename item attached files
item_replace_filesReplace files associated with an item
item_rmRemove item from SB
item_rm_filesRemove files associated with an item
item_rm_recursiveRemove an item completely by recursively removing its child...
items_createCreate many new SB items
items_rmRemove items from SB
items_updateUpdate many SB items with new metadata
items_upsertUpsert many SB items
item_updateUpdate a SB item with new metadata
item_update_identifierAdd custom identifier to an existing item
item_upload_create#' Upload file(s) and create a new item
item_upsertUpsert an SB item
query_item_identifierQuery SB for items based on custom identifier
query_item_in_folderSearch within an SB folder
query_itemsQuery SB for items using generic query parameters
query_sbQuery SB for items using generic query parameters
query_sb_datatypeQuery SB for specific data type
query_sb_dateQuery SB for items within a date range
query_sb_doiQuery SB for specific DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
query_sb_spatialQuery SB based on spatial extent
query_sb_textQuery SB for items containing specific text
readPasswordRead in a password from the user
sb_datatypesQuery SB for all available datatypes
sbitemScienceBase item class
sb_pingPing ScienceBase to see if it's available
sbtools_DELETEgeneric DELETEs for sbtools package
sbtools_GETgeneric GETs for sbtools package
sbtools-packageR interface to ScienceBase
sbtools_POSTgeneric POSTs for sbtools package package wrapped for generic...
sbtools_PUTgeneric PUTs for sbtools package
session_agea convienence function for getting the age of a session.
session_age_resetsession reset age
session_detailsGet session info
session_expiredCheck whether an SB session is expired
session_logoutLogout of a ScienceBase session
session_renewChecks current session and re-authenticates if necessary
session_setSet the session to a user-specified value
session_validateValidate sbtools session state
set_endpointSet SB endpoint
set_expirationSet the expiration
user_idGet your parent ID
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