data.blum.2015: Comparison of optimization algorithms in Blum _et al._ (2015)

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This dataset contains part of the results obtained in the comparison of decentralyzed optimization algorithms presented in Blum et al. (2015). The dataset contains 900 rows and 10 colums. Each row reprsents an instance of the maximum independent set problem (a graph). The first two are descriptors of the problem in each row (size and radius used to create random geometric graphs) and the other 8 contain the results obtained by 8 algorithms for the MIS problem instance.


A data frame with 10 columns and 900 rows


C. Blum, B. Calvo and M.J. Blesa (2015) FrogCOL and FrogMIS: New Decentralized Algorithms for Finding Large Independent Sets in Graphs. Swarm Intelligence. In press.

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