Man pages for scpm
An R Package for Spatial Smoothing

scpm-package'An R Package for Spatial Smoothing'
sss-classClass '"sss"'
sssFit-classClass '"sssFit"'
z_A1._Create_sss_data_Convert an object to the class 'sss' for spatial smoothing...
z_A2._Define_linear_terms_Linear components of the mean of the model
z_A3._Define_unknown_changes_Changes in the pattern of response
z_A4._Define_bivariate_Spline_Bivariate spline
z_A5._Estimate_the_model_Spatial smoothing with unknown changes in the pattern of...
z_A6._Obtain_approximation_Linear approximation to a spline.
z_B1._Testing_surface_Testing the surface model
z_B2._Plotting_Plot observed, fitted values or estimated spline from 'scp'...
z_B3._Summary_Summary of the estimated model from 'scp' object.
z_B4._Information_criterion_Information criterion of the estimated model from 'scp'...
z_B5._Variogram_Compute and plot the semi-variogram from 'scp' object.
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