z_B1._Testing_surface_: Testing the surface model

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Test the model for the surface of response. The null hypothesis is assumed as a linear model defined by the coordinates while the alternative hypothesis is assumed a bivariate spline (tensor product or thin-plate spline).


## S4 method for signature 'sssFit'
testSurface(object, tol)



an object of class sssFit from command scp.


numeric. Numeric tolerance to use for some inversion of matrices. Default to .Machine$double.neg.eps*1.0e-10.


If we have defined a bivariate spline using s2D in the formula of scp then the model is an spatial semiparametric model based on splines (tensor products or thin-plate splines). In this case testSurface performs a test for the null hypothesis H_0: g = Xβ (linear model) against the alternative H_1: g = Xβ + Zr (spline model). When g is assumed as a thin-plate spline then this test is equivalent to test the null hypothesis H_0: the pattern of response in the space is a plane against the alternative H_1: the pattern of response in the space is a bivariate thin-plate spline. In one dimension this test is equivalent to a test for linearity in the pattern of response.


Returns a table with the degrees of freedom, sum of squares and mean squares from different sources and the F test and its associated p-value.


Mario A. Martinez Araya, r@marioma.me

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