Man pages for scrime
Analysis of High-Dimensional Categorical Data Such as SNP Data

abfApproximate Bayes Factor
analyse.modelsSummarize MCMC sample of Bayesian logic regression models
buildSNPannotationConstruct Annotation for Affymetrix SNP Chips
colEpistaticCordell's Test for Epistatic Interactions
computeContCellsPairwise Contingency Tables
computeContClassRowwise Contigency Tables
fblrFull Bayesian Logic Regression for SNP Data
gknnGeneralized k Nearest Neighbors
identifyMonomorphismIdentification of Constant Variables
knncatimputeMissing Value Imputation with kNN
knncatimputeLargeMissing Value Imputation with kNN for High-Dimensional Data
pamCatPrediction Analysis of Categorical Data
pccPearson's Contingency Coefficient
predictFBLRPredict Case Probabilities with Full Bayesian Logic...
predict.pamCatPredict Method for pamCat Objects
recodeAffySNPRecoding of Affymetrix SNP Values
recodeSNPsRecoding of SNP Values
rowCATTsRowwise Cochran-Armitage Trend Test Based on Tables
rowChisq2ClassRowwise Pearson's ChiSquare Test Based on Tables
rowChisqStatsRowwise Pearson's ChiSquare Statistic
rowCorsRowwise Correlation with a Vector
rowFreqsRowwise Frequencies
rowHWEsRowwise Test for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
rowMAFsRowwise Minor Allele Frequency
rowMsquaresRowwise Linear Trend Test Based on Tables
rowScalesRowwise Scaling
rowTablesRowwise Tables
rowTrendFuzzyTrend Test for Fuzzy Genotype Calls
rowTrendStatsRowwise Linear Trend Tests
scrime-internalInternal scrime functions
shortenGeneDescriptionShorten the Gene Description
showChangesDisplaying Changes
simulateSNPcatResponseSimulation of SNP Data with Categorical Response
simulateSNPglmSimulation of SNP data
simulateSNPsSimulation of SNP data
smcSimple Matching Coefficient and Cohen's Kappa
snp2binTransformation of SNPs to Binary Variables
summary.simSNPglmSummarizing a simSNPglm object
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