Man pages for sdcSpatial
Statistical Disclosure Control for Spatial Data

create_rasterCreate a raster at a certain resolution
disclosure_riskCalculate disclosure risk for raster cells
dwellingsSimulated dwellings data set
enterprisesSimulated data set with enterprise locations.
is_sensitiveReturn raster with sensitive locations.
is_sensitive_atCalculate sensitivity from a sdc_raster at x,y locations.
mask_gridMask coordinates using a grid
mask_randomMask coordinates using random pertubation
mask_voronoiMask coordinates using voronoi masking
mask_weighted_randomMask coordinates using weighted random pertubation
max2returns one but highest contribution
plot.sdc_rasterPlot a sdc_raster object
plot_sensitivePlot the sensitive cells of the sdc_raster.
protect_neighborhoodprotects raster by summing over the neighborhood
protect_quadtreeProtect a raster with a quadtree method.
protect_smoothProtect a sdc_raster by smoothing
remove_sensitiveRemove sensitive cells from raster
sdc_rasterCreate a raster map with privacy awareness
sdcSpatial-packagePrivacy Protected maps
sensitivity_scoreMean sensitivity for raster
smooth_rasterCreate kde density version of a raster
topdown_codeRemove revealing high and low values
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