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Privacy Protected maps


sdcSpatial contains functions to create spatial distribution maps, assess the risk of disclosure on a location and to suppress or adjust revealing values at certain locations.


sdcSpatial working horse is the sdc_raster() object upon which the following methods can be applied:

Sensitivity assessment

  • plot.sdc_raster(), plot_sensitive()

  • print

  • is_sensitive()

Protection methods

  • remove_sensitive()

  • protect_smooth()

  • protect_quadtree()


  • sum, extract the sum layer from a sdc_raster object

  • mean, extract the mean layer from a sdc_raster object


Maintainer: Edwin de Jonge (ORCID)


  • Peter-Paul de Wolf

Other contributors:

  • Douwe Hut [contributor]

  • Sapphire Han [contributor]


de Jonge, E., & de Wolf, P. P. (2016, September). Spatial smoothing and statistical disclosure control. In International Conference on Privacy in Statistical Databases (pp. 107-117). Springer, Cham.

de Wolf, P. P., & de Jonge, E. (2018, September). Safely Plotting Continuous Variables on a Map. In International Conference on Privacy in Statistical Databases (pp. 347-359). Springer, Cham.

Suñé, E., Rovira, C., Ibáñez, D., Farré, M. (2017). Statistical disclosure control on visualising geocoded population data using a structure in quadtrees, NTTS 2017

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