Man pages for sdpt3r
Semi-Definite Quadratic Linear Programming Solver

AndwdAn Configuration Matrix for Distance Weighted Discrimination
ApdwdAp Configuration Matrix for Distance Weighted Discrimination
BetpSymmetric Matrix for Educational Testing Problem
BgppAdjacency Matrix for Graph Partitioning Problem
BlogchebyB Matrix for the Log Chebyshev Approximation Problem
BmaxcutAdjacency Matrix for Max-Cut
BmaxkcutAdjacency Matrix for Max-kCut
control_theoryControl Theory
DoptDesignTest Vector Matrix for D-Optimal Design
doptimalD-Optimal Experimental Design
dwdDistance Weighted Discrimination
etpEducational Testing Problem
flogchebyf vector for the Log Chebyshev Approximation Problem
FtoepSymmetric Matrix for the Toeplitz Approximatin Problem
GlovaszAdjacency Matrix on which to find the Lovasz Number
gppGraph Partitioning Problem
HnearcorrApproximate Correlation Matrix for Nearest Correlation Matrix...
lmi1Linear Matrix Inequality 1
lmi2Linear Matrix Inequality 2
lmi3Linear Matrix Inequality 3
logchebyLog Chebyshev Approximation
lovaszLovasz Number of a Graph
maxcutMax-Cut Problem
maxkcutMax-kCut Problem
minelipsThe Minimum Ellipsoid Problem
nearcorrNearest Correlation Matrix Problem
smatCreate a Symmetrix Matrix
sqlpSemidefinite Quadratic Linear Programming Solver
svecUpper Triangular Vectorization
toepToeplitz Approximation Problem
VminelipsConfiguration Matrix for Minimum Ellipse Problem
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