seacarb: Seawater Carbonate Chemistry

Calculates parameters of the seawater carbonate system and assists the design of ocean acidification perturbation experiments.

AuthorJean-Pierre Gattuso [aut, cre, cph], Jean-Marie Epitalon [aut], Heloise Lavigne [aut], James Orr [aut], Bernard Gentili [ctb], Andreas Hofmann [ctb], Aurélien Proye [ctb], Karline Soetaert [ctb], James Rae [ctb]
Date of publication2016-11-22 10:03:17
MaintainerJean-Pierre Gattuso <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

alkalinity: Example data file for function at

amp: pH value of the AMP buffer

at: Calculates total alkalinity from potentiometric titration...

bjerrum: Bjerrum plot

bor: Total boron concentration (mol/kg)

buffer: Buffer parameters of the seawater carbonate system

buffesm: Buffer capacities of the seawater carbonate system as defined...

carb: Parameters of the seawater carbonate system

carbb: Parameters of the seawater carbonate system

d2p: Converts depth in meters to pressure in dbar

derivnum: Numerical derivatives of seawater carbonate system variables

errors: Error propagation for computed marine carbonate system...

f2pCO2: Converts the CO2 fugacity to CO2 partial pressure

K0: Henry's constant mol/(kg/atm)

K1: First dissociation constant of carbonic acid (mol/kg)

K1p: First dissociation constant of phosphoric acid (mol/kg)

K2: Second dissociation constant of carbonic acid (mol/kg)

K2p: Second dissociation constant of phosphoric acid (mol/kg)

K3p: Third dissociation constant of phosphoric acid (mol/kg)

Kb: Dissociation constant of boric acid (mol/kg)

kconv: Conversion factors to change the pH scale of dissociation...

Kf: Equilibrium constant of hydrogen fluoride (mol/kg)

kfg: variable for internal use

Khs: Dissociation constant of hydrogen sulfide (mol/kg)

Kn: Dissociation constant of ammonium (mol/kg)

Ks: Stability constant of hydrogen sulfate (mol/kg)

Ksi: Dissociation constant of Si(OH)4

Kspa: Solubility product of aragonite (mol/kg)

Kspc: Solubility product of calcite (mol/kg)

Kw: Ion product of water (mol2/kg2)

oa: Perturbation of the seawater carbonate system

Om: Carbonate saturation state for magnesian calcites

p2d: Converts pressure in dbar to depth in meters

p2fCO2: Converts pCO2 (partial pressure in CO2) into fCO2 (fugacity...

p2xCO2: Converts partial pressure of CO2 to mole fraction of CO2

pCa: pCa

Pcoeffs: Coefficients used for pressure-correcting the equilibrium...

Pcorrect: Pressure correction of equilibrium constants

pgas: pgas

pH: Potentiometric pH

pHconv: Conversion of pH

pHinsi: pH at in situ temperature

pHslope: Slope of the calibration curve of a pH electrode

pmix: pmix

ppH: ppH

psi: Molar ratio of CO2 released vs CaCO3 precipitated

pTA: pTA

rho: Density of seawater (kg/m3)

seacarb_test_P0: Test data file (at P=0) to test the use of the carb function

seacarb_test_P300: Test data file (at P=300) to test the use of the carb...

speciation: ionic forms as a function of pH

theta: Potential temperature of seawater

tris: pH value of the TRIS buffer

vapress: Computes vapor pressure of seawater

x2pCO2: Converts mole fraction to partial pressure of CO2

Files in this package

seacarb/R/x2pCO2.R seacarb/R/buffer.R seacarb/R/Ksi.R seacarb/R/K1p.R seacarb/R/Ks.R seacarb/R/f2pCO2.R seacarb/R/Kf.R seacarb/R/carbb.R seacarb/R/psi.R seacarb/R/p2xCO2.R seacarb/R/vapress.R seacarb/R/Kn.R seacarb/R/Om.R seacarb/R/K2p.R seacarb/R/Kspc.R seacarb/R/speciation.R seacarb/R/pgas.R
seacarb/R/Khs.R seacarb/R/oa.R seacarb/R/pmix.R seacarb/R/errors.R seacarb/R/bjerrum.R seacarb/R/buffesm.R seacarb/R/amp.R seacarb/R/Kspa.R seacarb/R/at.R seacarb/R/pTA.R seacarb/R/derivnum.R seacarb/R/theta.R seacarb/R/Pcorrect.R seacarb/R/p2fCO2.R seacarb/R/ppH.R seacarb/R/K0.R seacarb/R/pHconv.R seacarb/R/pHinsi.R seacarb/R/pCa.R seacarb/R/K3p.R seacarb/R/Kw.R seacarb/R/tris.R seacarb/R/bor.R seacarb/R/rho.R seacarb/R/p2d.R seacarb/R/d2p.R seacarb/R/K1.R seacarb/R/carb.R seacarb/R/K2.R seacarb/R/pHslope.R seacarb/R/Kb.R seacarb/R/kconv.R seacarb/R/pH.R
seacarb/man/kconv.Rd seacarb/man/Ks.Rd seacarb/man/Kspa.Rd seacarb/man/pHconv.Rd seacarb/man/derivnum.Rd seacarb/man/K3p.Rd seacarb/man/carb.Rd seacarb/man/errors.Rd seacarb/man/oa.Rd seacarb/man/rho.Rd seacarb/man/Kspc.Rd seacarb/man/Pcoeffs.Rd seacarb/man/carbb.Rd seacarb/man/K2p.Rd seacarb/man/pmix.Rd seacarb/man/K0.Rd seacarb/man/seacarb_test_P300.Rd seacarb/man/amp.Rd seacarb/man/buffer.Rd seacarb/man/vapress.Rd seacarb/man/K1.Rd seacarb/man/theta.Rd seacarb/man/pTA.Rd seacarb/man/pCa.Rd seacarb/man/at.Rd seacarb/man/p2fCO2.Rd seacarb/man/tris.Rd seacarb/man/bor.Rd seacarb/man/d2p.Rd seacarb/man/K1p.Rd seacarb/man/Pcorrect.Rd seacarb/man/seacarb_test_P0.Rd seacarb/man/buffesm.Rd seacarb/man/Kb.Rd seacarb/man/p2d.Rd seacarb/man/f2pCO2.Rd seacarb/man/psi.Rd seacarb/man/pH.Rd seacarb/man/Kn.Rd seacarb/man/Om.Rd seacarb/man/pHslope.Rd seacarb/man/ppH.Rd seacarb/man/pHinsi.Rd seacarb/man/Kf.Rd seacarb/man/kfg.Rd seacarb/man/Ksi.Rd seacarb/man/Kw.Rd seacarb/man/bjerrum.Rd seacarb/man/K2.Rd seacarb/man/alkalinity.Rd seacarb/man/pgas.Rd seacarb/man/Khs.Rd seacarb/man/x2pCO2.Rd seacarb/man/p2xCO2.Rd seacarb/man/speciation.Rd

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