seacarb: Seawater Carbonate Chemistry

Calculates parameters of the seawater carbonate system and assists the design of ocean acidification perturbation experiments.

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AuthorJean-Pierre Gattuso [aut, cre, cph], Jean-Marie Epitalon [aut], Heloise Lavigne [aut], James Orr [aut], Bernard Gentili [ctb], Andreas Hofmann [ctb], Aurélien Proye [ctb], Karline Soetaert [ctb], James Rae [ctb]
Date of publication2016-11-22 10:03:17
MaintainerJean-Pierre Gattuso <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

alkalinity: Example data file for function at

amp: pH value of the AMP buffer

at: Calculates total alkalinity from potentiometric titration...

bjerrum: Bjerrum plot

bor: Total boron concentration (mol/kg)

buffer: Buffer parameters of the seawater carbonate system

buffesm: Buffer capacities of the seawater carbonate system as defined...

carb: Parameters of the seawater carbonate system

carbb: Parameters of the seawater carbonate system

d2p: Converts depth in meters to pressure in dbar

derivnum: Numerical derivatives of seawater carbonate system variables

errors: Error propagation for computed marine carbonate system...

f2pCO2: Converts the CO2 fugacity to CO2 partial pressure

K0: Henry's constant mol/(kg/atm)

K1: First dissociation constant of carbonic acid (mol/kg)

K1p: First dissociation constant of phosphoric acid (mol/kg)

K2: Second dissociation constant of carbonic acid (mol/kg)

K2p: Second dissociation constant of phosphoric acid (mol/kg)

K3p: Third dissociation constant of phosphoric acid (mol/kg)

Kb: Dissociation constant of boric acid (mol/kg)

kconv: Conversion factors to change the pH scale of dissociation...

Kf: Equilibrium constant of hydrogen fluoride (mol/kg)

kfg: variable for internal use

Khs: Dissociation constant of hydrogen sulfide (mol/kg)

Kn: Dissociation constant of ammonium (mol/kg)

Ks: Stability constant of hydrogen sulfate (mol/kg)

Ksi: Dissociation constant of Si(OH)4

Kspa: Solubility product of aragonite (mol/kg)

Kspc: Solubility product of calcite (mol/kg)

Kw: Ion product of water (mol2/kg2)

oa: Perturbation of the seawater carbonate system

Om: Carbonate saturation state for magnesian calcites

p2d: Converts pressure in dbar to depth in meters

p2fCO2: Converts pCO2 (partial pressure in CO2) into fCO2 (fugacity...

p2xCO2: Converts partial pressure of CO2 to mole fraction of CO2

pCa: pCa

Pcoeffs: Coefficients used for pressure-correcting the equilibrium...

Pcorrect: Pressure correction of equilibrium constants

pgas: pgas

pH: Potentiometric pH

pHconv: Conversion of pH

pHinsi: pH at in situ temperature

pHslope: Slope of the calibration curve of a pH electrode

pmix: pmix

ppH: ppH

psi: Molar ratio of CO2 released vs CaCO3 precipitated

pTA: pTA

rho: Density of seawater (kg/m3)

seacarb_test_P0: Test data file (at P=0) to test the use of the carb function

seacarb_test_P300: Test data file (at P=300) to test the use of the carb...

speciation: ionic forms as a function of pH

theta: Potential temperature of seawater

tris: pH value of the TRIS buffer

vapress: Computes vapor pressure of seawater

x2pCO2: Converts mole fraction to partial pressure of CO2


alkalinity Man page
amp Man page
at Man page
bjerrum Man page
bor Man page
buffer Man page
buffesm Man page
carb Man page
carbb Man page
d2p Man page
derivnum Man page
errors Man page
f2pCO2 Man page
K0 Man page
K1 Man page
K1p Man page
K2 Man page
K2p Man page
K3p Man page
Kb Man page
kconv Man page
Kf Man page
kfg Man page
Khs Man page
Kn Man page
Ks Man page
Ksi Man page
Kspa Man page
Kspc Man page
Kw Man page
oa Man page
Om Man page
p2d Man page
p2fCO2 Man page
p2xCO2 Man page
pCa Man page
Pcoeffs Man page
Pcorrect Man page
pgas Man page
pH Man page
pHconv Man page
pHinsi Man page
pHslope Man page
pmix Man page
ppH Man page
psi Man page
pTA Man page
rho Man page
seacarb_test_P0 Man page
seacarb_test_P300 Man page
speciation Man page
theta Man page
tris Man page
vapress Man page
x2pCO2 Man page

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