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Interactively Modify a Seasonal Adjustment Model


Interactively modify a "seas" object. The goal of view is to summarize all relevant options, plots and statistics of a seasonal adjustment model. The view function in the seasonal package imports the identical seasonalview::view() function from the seasonalview package, so there is no need to explicitly load the seasonalview package.


view(x = NULL, story = NULL, quiet = TRUE, ...)



an object of class "seas".


character, local file path or URL to an ".Rmd" file.


logical, if TRUE (default), error messages from calls in view are not shown in the console.


arguments passed to runApp. E.g., for selecting if the GUI should open in the browser or in the RStudio viewer pane.


Frequently used options can be modified using the drop down selectors in the upper left box. Each change will result in a re-estimation of the seasonal adjustment model. The R-call, the X-13 call, the graphical output and the summary are updated accordingly.

Alternatively, the R call can be modified manually in the lower left box. Click 'Run Call' to re-estimate the model and to adjust the option selectors, the graphical output, and the summary. With the 'To console' button, the GUI is closed and the call is imported to R. The 'Static' button substitutes automatic procedures by the automatically chosen spec-argument options, in the same way as the static() function.

If you are familiar with the X-13 spec syntax, you can modify the X-13 call, with the same consequences as when modifying the R call.

The lower right panel shows the summary, as described in the help page of summary.seas(). The 'X-13 output' button opens the complete output of X-13 in a separate tab or window.

If you have the x13story package installed (not yet on CRAN, see references), you can call the function with the story argument. This will render an R Markdown document and produce a story on seasonal adjustment that can be manipulated interactively.


view returns an object of class "seas", the modified model; or NULL, if the story argument is supplied.


Seasonal vignette with a more detailed description:

Development version of the x13story package:


## Not run: 

m <- seas(AirPassengers)

# store the model after closing the GUI, for further processing in R
m.upd <- view(m)

## End(Not run)

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