seewave: Sound Analysis and Synthesis

Functions for analysing, manipulating, displaying, editing and synthesizing time waves (particularly sound). This package processes time analysis (oscillograms and envelopes), spectral content, resonance quality factor, entropy, cross correlation and autocorrelation, zero-crossing, dominant frequency, analytic signal, frequency coherence, 2D and 3D spectrograms and many other analyses.

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AuthorJerome Sueur <> [cre, au], Thierry Aubin [au], Caroline Simonis [au], Laurent Lellouch [main ctrb], Ethan C. Brown [ctrb], Marion Depraetere [ctrb], Camille Desjonqueres [ctrb], Francois Fabianek [ctrb], Amandine Gasc [ctrb], Stefanie LaZerte [ctrb], Jonathan Lees [ctrb], Jean Marchal [ctrb], Sandrine Pavoine [ctrb], Alicia Stotz [ctrb], Luis J. Villanueva-Rivera [ctrb], Zev Ross [ctrb], Carl G. Witthoft [ctrb], Hristo Zhivomirov [ctrb].
Date of publication2016-10-13 00:18:10
MaintainerJerome Sueur <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ACI: Acoustic Complexity Index

acoustat: Statistics on time and frequency STFT contours

addsilw: Add or insert a silence section

afilter: Amplitude filter

akamatsu: Water tank minimum resonant and cutoff frequencies

ama: Amplitude modulation analysis of a time wave

AR: Acoustic Richness index

attenuation: Generate sound intensity attenuation data

autoc: Short-term autocorrelation of a time wave

bwfilter: Butterworth frequency filter

ccoh: Continuous coherence function between two time waves

ceps: Cepstrum or real cepstrum

cepstro: 2D-cepstrogram of a time wave

coh: Coherence between two time waves

combfilter: Comb filter

convSPL: Convert sound pressure level in other units

corenv: Cross-correlation between two time wave envelopes

corspec: Cross-correlation between two frequency spectra

covspectro: Covariance between two spectrograms

crest: Crest factor and visualization

csh: Continuous spectral entropy

cutspec: Cut a frequency spectrum

cutw: Cut a section of a time wave

dBscale: dB colour scale for a spectrogram display

dBweight: dB weightings

deletew: Delete a section of a time wave

dfreq: Dominant frequency of a time wave

diffcumspec: Difference between two cumulative frequency spectra

diffenv: Difference between two amplitude envelopes

diffspec: Difference between two frequency spectra

diffwave: Difference between two time waves

discrets: Time series discretisation

drawenv: Draw the amplitude envelope of a time wave

drawfilter: Draw the amplitude profile of a frequency filter

duration: Duration of a time wave

dynoscillo: Dynamic oscillogram

dynspec: Dynamic sliding spectrum

echo: Echo generator

env: Amplitude envelope of a time wave

export: Export sound data

fadew: Fade in and fade out of a time wave

fbands: Frequency bands plot

fdoppler: Doppler effect

ffilter: Frequency filter

field: Near field and far field limits

fir: Finite Impulse Response filter

fma: Frequency modulation analysis

fpeaks: Frequency peak detection

ftwindow: Fourier transform windows

fund: Fundamental frequency track

ggspectro: 2D-spectrogram of a time wave using ggplot2

H: Total entropy

hilbert: Hilbert transform and analytic signal

ifreq: Instantaneous frequency

istft: Inverse of the short-term Fourier transform

itakura.dist: Itakuro-Saito distance

kl.dist: Kullback-Leibler distance

ks.dist: Kolmogorov-Smirnov distance

lfs: Linear Frequency Shift

listen: Play a sound wave

localpeaks: Local maximum frequency peak detection

logspec.dist: Log-spectral distance

M: Median of the amplitude envelope

meandB: Mean of dB values

meanspec: Mean frequency spectrum of a time wave

mel: Hertz / Mel conversion

melfilterbank: Mel-filter bank for MFCC computation

micsens: Microphone sensitivity and conversion

moredB: Addition of dB values

mutew: Replace time wave data by 0 values

NDSI: Normalized Difference Soundscape Index

noisew: Generate noise

notefreq: Frequency of a muscical note

octaves: Octave values

orni: Song of the cicada Cicada orni

oscillo: Show a time wave as an oscillogram

oscilloST: Show a stereo time wave as oscillograms

pastew: Paste a time wave to another one

peewit: Song of the bird Vanellus vanellus

pellucens: Calling song of the tree cricket Oecanthus pellucens

phaseplot: Phase-phase 2D or 3D plot of a time wave

phaseplot2: Phase-phase 2D plot of a time wave

playlist: Play a list of sound files

preemphasis: Pre-emphasis speech filter

pulsew: Generate rectangle pulse

Q: Resonance quality factor of a frequency spectrum

repw: Repeat a time wave

resamp: Resample a time wave

revw: Time reverse of a time wave

rmam: Remove the amplitude modulations of a time wave

rmnoise: Remove noise

rmoffset: Remove the offset of a time wave

rms: Root Mean Square

roughness: Roughness or total curvature

rugo: Rugosity of a time wave

savewav: Save a .wav file

SAX: Symbolic Aggregate approXimation

sddB: Standard deviation of dB values

seedata: A quick look at quantitative data

seewave.internal: Internal Seewave Functions

seewave.package: Sound analysis and synthesis

setenv: Set the amplitude envelope of a time wave to another one

sfm: Spectral Flatness Measure

sh: Shannon and Renyi spectral entropy

sheep: Sheep bleat

simspec: Similarity between two frequency spectra

smoothw: A function to tentativily smooth a time wave

songmeter: Reading and interpreting SongMeter file name

soundscapespec: Soundscape frequency spectrum of a time wave

sox: Calls SoX

spec: Frequency spectrum of a time wave

specprop: Spectral properties

spectro: 2D-spectrogram of a time wave

spectro3D: 3D-spectrogram of a time wave

squarefilter: Frequency square filter

stft.ext: Short-term Fourier transform using fftw and libsndfile C...

symba: Symbol analysis of a numeric (time) series

synth: Synthesis of time wave (additive model)

synth2: Synthesis of time wave (tonal model)

th: Temporal entropy

tico: Song of the bird Zonotrichia capensis

timer: Time measurements of a time wave

TKEO: Teager-Kaiser energy tracking operator

wasp: WAve length and SPeed of sound

wav2flac: wav-flac file conversion

wf: Waterfall display

zapsilw: Zap silence periods of a time wave

zc: Instantaneous frequency of a time wave by zero-crossing

zcr: Zero-crossing rate


ACI Man page
acoustat Man page
addsilw Man page
afilter Man page
akamatsu Man page
ama Man page
AR Man page
attenuation Man page
autoc Man page
aux Man page
bartlett.w Man page
blackman.w Man page
bwfilter Man page
ccoh Man page
ceps Man page
cepstro Man page
coh Man page
combfilter Man page
convSPL Man page
corenv Man page
corspec Man page
covspectro Man page
crest Man page
csh Man page
cunwrap Man page
cutspec Man page
cutw Man page
dBscale Man page
dBweight Man page
deletew Man page
dfreq Man page
diffcumspec Man page
diffenv Man page
diffspec Man page
diffwave Man page
discrets Man page
drawenv Man page
drawfilter Man page
duration Man page
dynoscillo Man page
dynspec Man page
echo Man page
env Man page
export Man page
fadew Man page
fbands Man page
fdoppler Man page
ffilter Man page
field Man page
filled.contour.modif2 Man page
fir Man page
flattop.w Man page
fma Man page
fpeaks Man page
ftwindow Man page
fund Man page
ggspectro Man page
H Man page
hamming.w Man page
hanning.w Man page
hilbert Man page
ifreq Man page
inputw Man page
istft Man page
itakura.dist Man page
kl.dist Man page
ks.dist Man page
lfs Man page
listen Man page
localpeaks Man page
logspec.dist Man page
M Man page
meandB Man page
meanspec Man page
mel Man page
melfilterbank Man page
micsens Man page
moredB Man page
mutew Man page
NDSI Man page
noisew Man page
notefreq Man page
octaves Man page
orni Man page
oscillo Man page
oscilloST Man page
outputw Man page
pastew Man page
peewit Man page
pellucens Man page
phaseplot Man page
phaseplot2 Man page
playlist Man page
preemphasis Man page
pulsew Man page
Q Man page
rectangle.w Man page
repw Man page
resamp Man page
rescale Man page Man page
reverse.gray.colors.1 Man page
reverse.gray.colors.2 Man page
reverse.heat.colors Man page
reverse.terrain.colors Man page
reverse.topo.colors Man page
revw Man page
rmam Man page
rmnoise Man page
rmoffset Man page
rms Man page
roughness Man page
rugo Man page
savewav Man page
SAX Man page
sddB Man page
seedata Man page
seewave Man page
seewave-package Man page
setenv Man page
sfm Man page
sh Man page
sheep Man page
simspec Man page
smoothw Man page
songmeter Man page
soscillo Man page
soundscapespec Man page
sox Man page
spec Man page
specprop Man page
spectro Man page
spectro3D Man page
spectro.colors Man page
squarefilter Man page
sspectro Man page
stft Man page
stft.ext Man page
sumsmooth Man page
symba Man page
synth Man page
synth0 Man page
synth2 Man page
temp.colors Man page
th Man page
tico Man page
timer Man page
tkeo Man page
TKEO Man page
unwrap Man page
wasp Man page
wav2flac Man page
wf Man page
zapsilw Man page
zc Man page
zcr Man page


R/seewave.r R/zzz.r
man/stft.ext.Rd man/itakura.dist.Rd man/repw.Rd man/timer.Rd man/ifreq.Rd man/istft.Rd man/playlist.Rd man/fma.Rd man/zapsilw.Rd man/melfilterbank.Rd man/fir.Rd man/simspec.Rd man/preemphasis.Rd man/AR.Rd man/ggspectro.Rd man/env.Rd man/squarefilter.Rd man/fund.Rd man/spec.Rd man/rugo.Rd man/octaves.Rd man/dynspec.Rd man/tico.Rd man/zcr.Rd man/covspectro.Rd man/ACI.Rd man/corenv.Rd man/csh.Rd man/coh.Rd man/savewav.Rd man/dynoscillo.Rd man/ks.dist.Rd man/soundscapespec.Rd man/zc.Rd man/rmnoise.Rd man/deletew.Rd man/cutspec.Rd man/fdoppler.Rd man/cutw.Rd man/specprop.Rd man/SAX.Rd man/pellucens.Rd man/noisew.Rd man/sheep.Rd man/acoustat.Rd man/ccoh.Rd man/oscilloST.Rd man/kl.dist.Rd man/symba.Rd man/Q.Rd man/phaseplot2.Rd man/export.Rd man/dfreq.Rd man/revw.Rd man/fbands.Rd man/lfs.Rd man/seedata.Rd man/seewave.internal.Rd man/attenuation.Rd man/fadew.Rd man/ftwindow.Rd man/drawfilter.Rd man/crest.Rd man/combfilter.Rd man/autoc.Rd man/listen.Rd man/H.Rd man/roughness.Rd man/seewave.package.Rd man/oscillo.Rd man/echo.Rd man/bwfilter.Rd man/synth2.Rd man/pulsew.Rd man/mel.Rd man/songmeter.Rd man/mutew.Rd man/th.Rd man/field.Rd man/wasp.Rd man/meandB.Rd man/phaseplot.Rd man/sfm.Rd man/synth.Rd man/moredB.Rd man/M.Rd man/rms.Rd man/sh.Rd man/dBscale.Rd man/cepstro.Rd man/TKEO.Rd man/logspec.dist.Rd man/ama.Rd man/dBweight.Rd man/ceps.Rd man/localpeaks.Rd man/rmoffset.Rd man/spectro3D.Rd man/micsens.Rd man/spectro.Rd man/notefreq.Rd man/corspec.Rd man/wav2flac.Rd man/akamatsu.Rd man/duration.Rd man/sddB.Rd man/smoothw.Rd man/resamp.Rd man/discrets.Rd man/diffwave.Rd man/addsilw.Rd man/ffilter.Rd man/wf.Rd man/NDSI.Rd man/diffenv.Rd man/setenv.Rd man/fpeaks.Rd man/pastew.Rd man/peewit.Rd man/hilbert.Rd man/convSPL.Rd man/sox.Rd man/afilter.Rd man/orni.Rd man/meanspec.Rd man/rmam.Rd man/diffcumspec.Rd man/diffspec.Rd man/drawenv.Rd

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