Man pages for seewave
Sound Analysis and Synthesis

ACIAcoustic Complexity Index
acoustatStatistics on time and frequency STFT contours
addsilwAdd or insert a silence section
afilterAmplitude filter
akamatsuWater tank minimum resonant and cutoff frequencies
amaAmplitude modulation analysis of a time wave
ARAcoustic Richness index
attenuationGenerate sound intensity attenuation data
autocShort-term autocorrelation of a time wave
bwfilterButterworth frequency filter
ccohContinuous coherence function between two time waves
cepsCepstrum or real cepstrum
cepstro2D-cepstrogram of a time wave
cohCoherence between two time waves
combfilterComb filter
convSPLConvert sound pressure level in other units
corenvCross-correlation between two time wave envelopes
corspecCross-correlation between two frequency spectra
covspectroCovariance between two spectrograms
crestCrest factor and visualization
cshContinuous spectral entropy
cutspecCut a frequency spectrum
cutwCut a section of a time wave
dBscaledB colour scale for a spectrogram display
dBweightdB weightings
deletewDelete a section of a time wave
dfreqDominant frequency of a time wave
diffcumspecDifference between two cumulative frequency spectra
diffenvDifference between two amplitude envelopes
diffspecDifference between two frequency spectra
diffwaveDifference between two time waves
discretsTime series discretisation
drawenvDraw the amplitude envelope of a time wave
drawfilterDraw the amplitude profile of a frequency filter
durationDuration of a time wave
dynoscilloDynamic oscillogram
dynspecDynamic sliding spectrum
dynspectroDynamic sliding spectrogramn
echoEcho generator
envAmplitude envelope of a time wave
exportExport sound data
fadewFade in and fade out of a time wave
fbandsFrequency bands plot
fdopplerDoppler effect
ffilterFrequency filter
fieldNear field and far field limits
firFinite Impulse Response filter
fmaFrequency modulation analysis
fpeaksFrequency peak detection
ftwindowFourier transform windows
fundFundamental frequency track
ggspectro2D-spectrogram of a time wave using ggplot2
HTotal entropy
hilbertHilbert transform and analytic signal
ifreqInstantaneous frequency
istftInverse of the short-term Fourier transform
itakura.distItakuro-Saito distance
kl.distKullback-Leibler distance
ks.distKolmogorov-Smirnov distance
lfsLinear Frequency Shift
listenPlay a sound wave
localpeaksLocal maximum frequency peak detection
logspec.distLog-spectral distance
MMedian of the amplitude envelope
meandBMean of dB values
meanspecMean frequency spectrum of a time wave
melHertz / Mel conversion
melfilterbankMel-filter bank for MFCC computation
micsensMicrophone sensitivity and conversion
moredBAddition of dB values
mutewReplace time wave data by 0 values
NDSINormalized Difference Soundscape Index
noisewGenerate noise
notefreqFrequency of a muscical note
octavesOctave values
orniSong of the cicada Cicada orni
oscilloShow a time wave as an oscillogram
oscilloSTShow a stereo time wave as oscillograms
pastewPaste a time wave to another one
peewitSong of the bird Vanellus vanellus
pellucensCalling song of the tree cricket Oecanthus pellucens
phaseplotPhase-phase 2D or 3D plot of a time wave
phaseplot2Phase-phase 2D plot of a time wave
playlistPlay a list of sound files
preemphasisPre-emphasis speech filter
pulsewGenerate rectangle pulse
QResonance quality factor of a frequency spectrum
repwRepeat a time wave
resampResample a time wave
revwTime reverse of a time wave
rmamRemove the amplitude modulations of a time wave
rmnoiseRemove noise
rmoffsetRemove the offset of a time wave
rmsRoot Mean Square
roughnessRoughness or total curvature
rugoRugosity of a time wave
savewavSave a .wav file
SAXSymbolic Aggregate approXimation
sddBStandard deviation of dB values
seedataA quick look at quantitative data
seewave.internalInternal Seewave Functions
seewave.packageSound analysis and synthesis
setenvSet the amplitude envelope of a time wave to another one
sfmSpectral Flatness Measure
shShannon and Renyi spectral entropy
sheepSheep bleat
simspecSimilarity between two frequency spectra
smoothwA function to tentativily smooth a time wave
songmeterReading and interpreting SongMeter file name
soundscapespecSoundscape frequency spectrum of a time wave
soxCalls SoX
specFrequency spectrum of a time wave
specpropSpectral properties
spectro2D-spectrogram of a time wave
spectro3D3D-spectrogram of a time wave
squarefilterFrequency square filter
stft.extShort-term Fourier transform using fftw and libsndfile C...
symbaSymbol analysis of a numeric (time) series
synthSynthesis of time wave (additive model)
synth2Synthesis of time wave (tonal model)
thTemporal entropy
ticoSong of the bird Zonotrichia capensis
timerTime measurements of a time wave
TKEOTeager-Kaiser energy tracking operator
waspWAve length and SPeed of sound
wav2flacwav-flac file conversion
wfWaterfall display
zapsilwZap silence periods of a time wave
zcInstantaneous frequency of a time wave by zero-crossing
zcrZero-crossing rate
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