seleniumPipes: R Client Implementing the W3C WebDriver Specification

The W3C WebDriver specification defines a way for out-of-process programs to remotely instruct the behaviour of web browsers. It is detailed at <>. This package provides an R client implementing the W3C specification.

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AuthorJohn Harrison [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-10-01 00:36:25
MaintainerJohn Harrison <>

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Man pages

acceptAlert: Accept alert

acceptAlertOld: Accept alert

addCookie: Add a specific cookie.

back: Navigate backwards

checkResponse: Check the response from remote server

closeWindow: Close the current window.

deleteAllCookies: Delete all the cookies.

deleteCookie: Delete a given cookie.

deleteSession: Delete the session.

dismissAlert: Dismiss Alert

dismissAlertOld: Dismiss Alert

elementClear: Clear an elements text value.

elementClick: Click on an element.

elementSendKeys: Send a sequence of key strokes to an element.

errorContent: Returns the content from remote webdriver

errorResponse: Return the response from remote webdriver

executeAsyncScript: Execute JavaScript asynchronously on browser.

executeAsyncScriptOld: executeAsyncScriptOld

executeScript: Execute JavaScript on browser.

executeScriptOld: Execute JavaScript asynchronously on browser.

findElement: Search for an element on the page

findElementFromElement: Search for an element on the page, starting from another...

findElements: Search for multiple elements on the page

findElementsFromElement: Search for multiple elements on the page, starting from...

forward: Navigate forwards

fullscreenWindow: Make current window full-screen

getActiveElement: Get the element on the page that currently has focus.

getAlertText: Get alert text

getAlertTextOld: Get alert text

getAllCookies: Get all current domain cookies

getCurrentUrl: Retrieve the URL of the current page.

getElementAttribute: Get the value of an element's attribute.

getElementCssValue: Query the value of an element's computed CSS property.

getElementProperty: Query the value of an elements property.

getElementRect: Return the dimensions and coordinates of an element

getElementTagName: Query for an element's tag name.

getElementText: Returns the visible text for the element.

getNamedCookie: Get a named cookie

getPageSource: Get source of last page.

getTitle: Get the current page title.

getWindowHandle: get current window handle

getWindowHandleOld: Retrieve the current window handle.

getWindowHandles: Get all window handles.

getWindowHandlesOld: Get all window handles.

getWindowPosition: Get current window position

getWindowPositionOld: Get window position

getWindowSize: getWindowSize

getWindowSizeOld: Get window size

go: Navigate to a new URL.

isElementEnabled: Determine if an element is currently enabled.

isElementSelected: Determine if an element is currently selected.

maximizeWindow: Maximize the current window.

maximizeWindowOld: Maximize the current window.

newSession: Create a new session.

performActions: Not currently implemented

queryDriver: Send a query to remote Driver.

refresh: Refresh the current page.

releasingActions: Not currently implemented

remoteDr: Create a remote driver

retry: Documetation of retry argument

seleniumPipes: Implements the W3C webdriver specification.

selKeys: Selenium key mappings

sendAlertText: Send text to alert

sendAlertTextOld: Send text to alert

setTimeout: Configure the amount of time that a particular type of...

setWindowPosition: Change the position of the current window.

setWindowPositionOld: Change the position of the specified window.

setWindowSize: Change the size of the current window.

setWindowSizeOld: Change the size of the specified window.

switchToFrame: Change focus to another frame on the page.

switchToParentFrame: Change focus to the parent context.

switchToWindow: Change focus to another window.

takeElementScreenshot: takeElementScreenshot

takeScreenshot: takeScreenshot

wbElement: Create a Web Element


acceptAlert Man page
acceptAlertOld Man page
addCookie Man page
back Man page
checkResponse Man page
closeWindow Man page
deleteAllCookies Man page
deleteCookie Man page
deleteSession Man page
dismissAlert Man page
dismissAlertOld Man page
elementClear Man page
elementClick Man page
elementSendKeys Man page
errorContent Man page
errorResponse Man page
executeAsyncScript Man page
executeAsyncScriptOld Man page
executeScript Man page
executeScriptOld Man page
findElement Man page
findElementFromElement Man page
findElements Man page
findElementsFromElement Man page
forward Man page
fullscreenWindow Man page
getActiveElement Man page
getAlertText Man page
getAlertTextOld Man page
getAllCookies Man page
getCurrentUrl Man page
getElementAttribute Man page
getElementCssValue Man page
getElementProperty Man page
getElementRect Man page
getElementTagName Man page
getElementText Man page
getNamedCookie Man page
getPageSource Man page
getTitle Man page
getWindowHandle Man page
getWindowHandleOld Man page
getWindowHandles Man page
getWindowHandlesOld Man page
getWindowPosition Man page
getWindowPositionOld Man page
getWindowSize Man page
getWindowSizeOld Man page
go Man page
isElementEnabled Man page
isElementSelected Man page
maximizeWindow Man page
maximizeWindowOld Man page
newSession Man page
performActions Man page
queryDriver Man page
refresh Man page
releasingActions Man page
remoteDr Man page
retry Man page
seleniumPipes Man page
seleniumPipes-package Man page
selKeys Man page
sendAlertText Man page
sendAlertTextOld Man page
setTimeout Man page
setWindowPosition Man page
setWindowPositionOld Man page
setWindowSize Man page
setWindowSizeOld Man page
switchToFrame Man page
switchToParentFrame Man page
switchToWindow Man page
takeElementScreenshot Man page
takeScreenshot Man page
wbElement Man page


inst/examples/findElementFromElement.R inst/examples/executeScript.R inst/examples/getElementxxx.R inst/examples/switchToFrame.R inst/examples/executeAsyncScript.R
inst/examples/docs/cookies.R inst/examples/docs/userPrompts.R inst/examples/docs/oldMethods.R inst/examples/docs/screenCapture.R inst/examples/docs/navigation.R inst/examples/docs/documentHandling.R inst/examples/docs/commandContexts.R inst/examples/docs/elementState.R inst/examples/docs/sessions.R inst/examples/docs/elementRetrieval.R inst/examples/docs/elementInteraction.R inst/examples/docs/interactions.R inst/examples/dismissAlert.R inst/examples/createFunctions.R inst/examples/findElement.R inst/examples/findElements.R inst/examples/findElementsFromElement.R inst/examples/elementSendKeys.R inst/examples/getCookie.R
inst/Saucetests/test_api_example_tests.R inst/Saucetests/setup.R inst/Saucetests/runtest.R
tests/testthat/test-frame_switching_tests.R tests/testthat/test-cookie_tests.R tests/testthat/test-takes_screenshots_tests.R tests/testthat/test-alerts_tests.R tests/testthat/test-executing_javascript_tests.R tests/testthat/setup.R tests/testthat/helper.R tests/testthat/test-api_example_tests.R tests/testthat/test-page_loading_tests.R
R/utils.R R/userPromptsDoc.R R/sessionsDoc.R R/cookies.R R/userPrompts.R R/interactionsDoc.R R/oldMethodsDoc.R R/oldMethods.R R/screenCapture.R R/elementInteractionDoc.R R/navigationDoc.R R/navigation.R R/documentHandling.R R/commandContexts.R R/elementState.R R/sessions.R R/init.R R/elementRetrieval.R R/elementStateDoc.R R/documentHandlingDoc.R R/elementRetrievalDoc.R R/elementInteraction.R R/commandContextsDoc.R R/interactions.R R/zzz.R R/cookiesDoc.R R/screenCaptureDoc.R
man/deleteCookie.Rd man/setTimeout.Rd man/newSession.Rd man/getWindowHandleOld.Rd man/switchToFrame.Rd man/forward.Rd man/switchToParentFrame.Rd man/performActions.Rd man/elementSendKeys.Rd man/getElementRect.Rd man/acceptAlertOld.Rd man/acceptAlert.Rd man/seleniumPipes.Rd man/fullscreenWindow.Rd man/isElementSelected.Rd man/maximizeWindowOld.Rd man/findElements.Rd man/back.Rd man/setWindowPositionOld.Rd man/queryDriver.Rd man/setWindowPosition.Rd man/dismissAlert.Rd man/setWindowSizeOld.Rd man/errorContent.Rd man/deleteAllCookies.Rd man/closeWindow.Rd man/getWindowSize.Rd man/executeAsyncScript.Rd man/elementClear.Rd man/getElementCssValue.Rd man/findElementsFromElement.Rd man/getActiveElement.Rd man/getElementTagName.Rd man/getWindowPosition.Rd man/sendAlertTextOld.Rd man/getWindowSizeOld.Rd man/getWindowHandle.Rd man/getElementText.Rd man/go.Rd man/deleteSession.Rd man/getNamedCookie.Rd man/findElement.Rd man/sendAlertText.Rd man/switchToWindow.Rd man/getPageSource.Rd man/takeElementScreenshot.Rd man/getElementAttribute.Rd man/getAlertTextOld.Rd man/errorResponse.Rd man/executeScriptOld.Rd man/addCookie.Rd man/getTitle.Rd man/elementClick.Rd man/retry.Rd man/setWindowSize.Rd man/executeAsyncScriptOld.Rd man/getWindowHandlesOld.Rd man/takeScreenshot.Rd man/findElementFromElement.Rd man/getWindowHandles.Rd man/refresh.Rd man/maximizeWindow.Rd man/remoteDr.Rd man/getAllCookies.Rd man/getElementProperty.Rd man/getWindowPositionOld.Rd man/checkResponse.Rd man/dismissAlertOld.Rd man/selKeys.Rd man/releasingActions.Rd man/isElementEnabled.Rd man/getAlertText.Rd man/getCurrentUrl.Rd man/executeScript.Rd man/wbElement.Rd

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