Man pages for seleniumPipes
R Client Implementing the W3C WebDriver Specification

acceptAlertAccept alert
acceptAlertOldAccept alert
addCookieAdd a specific cookie.
backNavigate backwards
checkResponseCheck the response from remote server
closeWindowClose the current window.
deleteAllCookiesDelete all the cookies.
deleteCookieDelete a given cookie.
deleteSessionDelete the session.
dismissAlertDismiss Alert
dismissAlertOldDismiss Alert
elementClearClear an elements text value.
elementClickClick on an element.
elementSendKeysSend a sequence of key strokes to an element.
errorContentReturns the content from remote webdriver
errorResponseReturn the response from remote webdriver
executeAsyncScriptExecute JavaScript asynchronously on browser.
executeScriptExecute JavaScript on browser.
executeScriptOldExecute JavaScript asynchronously on browser.
findElementSearch for an element on the page
findElementFromElementSearch for an element on the page, starting from another...
findElementsSearch for multiple elements on the page
findElementsFromElementSearch for multiple elements on the page, starting from...
forwardNavigate forwards
fullscreenWindowMake current window full-screen
getActiveElementGet the element on the page that currently has focus.
getAlertTextGet alert text
getAlertTextOldGet alert text
getAllCookiesGet all current domain cookies
getCurrentUrlRetrieve the URL of the current page.
getElementAttributeGet the value of an element's attribute.
getElementCssValueQuery the value of an element's computed CSS property.
getElementPropertyQuery the value of an elements property.
getElementRectReturn the dimensions and coordinates of an element
getElementTagNameQuery for an element's tag name.
getElementTextReturns the visible text for the element.
getNamedCookieGet a named cookie
getPageSourceGet source of last page.
getTitleGet the current page title.
getWindowHandleget current window handle
getWindowHandleOldRetrieve the current window handle.
getWindowHandlesGet all window handles.
getWindowHandlesOldGet all window handles.
getWindowPositionGet current window position
getWindowPositionOldGet window position
getWindowSizeOldGet window size
goNavigate to a new URL.
isElementEnabledDetermine if an element is currently enabled.
isElementSelectedDetermine if an element is currently selected.
maximizeWindowMaximize the current window.
maximizeWindowOldMaximize the current window.
newSessionCreate a new session.
performActionsNot currently implemented
queryDriverSend a query to remote Driver.
refreshRefresh the current page.
releasingActionsNot currently implemented
remoteDrCreate a remote driver
retryDocumetation of retry argument
seleniumPipesImplements the W3C webdriver specification.
selKeysSelenium key mappings
sendAlertTextSend text to alert
sendAlertTextOldSend text to alert
setTimeoutConfigure the amount of time that a particular type of...
setWindowPositionChange the position of the current window.
setWindowPositionOldChange the position of the specified window.
setWindowSizeChange the size of the current window.
setWindowSizeOldChange the size of the specified window.
switchToFrameChange focus to another frame on the page.
switchToParentFrameChange focus to the parent context.
switchToWindowChange focus to another window.
wbElementCreate a Web Element
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