Using sen2r() from the GUI

knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)

The simplest way to use sen2r is to execute it in interactive mode. These commands will open the GUI provided with by function sen2r():


Note that the following error message could be returned:

Some missing packages are needed to run the GUI; please install them with the command
> install.packages(c("leaflet", "leafpm", "mapedit", "shiny", "shinyFiles", "shinydashboard", "shinyjs", "shinyWidgets"))

This because "graphical" packages required to run the GUI are now suggested dependencies (the package could be used without them, if the user do not require the GUI). In this case, simply install the missing packages as stated by the error message (which could differ from the previous one).

The GUI is organised in several panels (click on the images below for larger versions), allowing users to set all the required processing parameters. Help pop-up windows (marked with the symbol ) are provided to aid users regarding the more complex parameters.

The left-side bar of the dashboard allows instead to:

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