Man pages for sen2r
Find, Download and Process Sentinel-2 Data

abs2relConvert a path to a relative path
add_rgb_imageAdd RGB product
add_tile_suffixAdd/remove suffixes for split tiles
build_example_param_fileBuild an example JSON parameter file
calcindexCompute index using 'raster' or 'stars' features
check_gcloudCheck Google Cloud SDK installation
check_gdalCheck GDAL installation
check_gui_depsCheck GUI dependencies
check_param_listCheck a parameter list
check_sen2r_depsCheck package dependencies
compute_s2_pathsCompute names of S2 file to be generated
comsubFind the longest common starting substring or directory
create_indices_dbCreate the indices database
create_s2_dopCreate the database of S2 orbits and doy of passage
expand_pathExpand a path with a parent directory
expect_equal_crsCompare two non-null CRS
fix_envi_formatFix ENVI outputs
gdal_abs2rel_rel2absConvert absolute from/to relative paths in a virtual file
gdalUtilInterface to GDAL Python-based utilities
gdal_warpClip, reproject and warp raster files
gdalwarp_gridWarp a raster file aligning it on the grid of another file
gippManage GIPP parameters for Sen2Cor
gipp_initCopy L2A_GIPP.xml in sen2r
give_write_permissionGive permission to write settings on disk
ignorelistRead / write the ignore list
init_pythonInitialise python
install_aria2Download and install aria2.
install_sen2corDownload and install (or link) Sen2Cor
list_indicesList spectral indices
load_binpathsLoad the paths of external executables
load_extentInsert an extent
mountpointReturn the mountpoint of the input directory (if it is...
nnReplace NULL with character()
normalize_pathExpress file paths in canonical Form depending on the...
path_checkCheck a path
print_messagePrint a message
projparReturn a parameter used in a WKT projection
raster2rgbProduce an RGB image from a singleband raster file.
raster_metadataGet metadata from raster paths
s2_anglesExtract sun angles from SAFE archives
s2_calcindicesCompute maps of spectral indices
s2_defNASet NA value of a specific product type
s2_dopReturn the Dates Of Passage over some orbits
s2_downloadDownload S2 products.
s2_guiLaunch the GUI for Sentinel-2 products
s2_listRetrieve list of available S2 products.
s2_maskApply cloud masks
s2_mergeMerge S2 tiles with the same date and orbit
s2_orderOrder S2 products (deprecated).
s2_rgbCreate RGB images from S2 reflectance products.
s2_thumbnailsCreate thumbnails for S2 products.
s2_tilesLoad Sentinel-2 tiles
s2_translateConvert from SAFE format
safe_getMetadataGet information from S2 file name or metadata
safe_is_onlineCheck if SAFE is available for download (deprecated)
safelist-classFormat for SAFE archive lists
safe_shortnameRename products using a shorten convention
scihub_loginImport / export / check SciHub username and password...
sen2corCorrect L1C products using Sen2Cor
sen2rFind, download and preprocess Sentinel-2 images
sen2r_getElementsGet information from S2 short name
sen2r_process_reportSummarise processing report
smooth_maskBuffer cloud masks
stack2rgbProduce an RGB image from a multiband raster file.
st_as_text_2Return WKT or WKT2 basing on the installed rgdal version
st_crs2Retrieve coordinate reference system from sf or sfc object
str_pad2Pad a string.
suppress_warningsSelective suppress warnings
tiles_intersectsSelect the tiles intersecting the extent
tile_utmzoneObtain the UTM zone associated to Sentinel-2 tiles
trace_functionTrace functions which create files
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