Man pages for sentryR
Send Errors and Messages to 'Sentry'

calls_to_stacktraceConvert function call to a stack trace
captureSend a message to a Sentry server
capture_exceptionReport an error or exception object
capture_function_callsCapture function calls
capture_messageReport a message to Sentry
configure_sentryConfigure Sentry
default_error_handlerDefault error handler for Plumber
is_sentry_configuredCheck if Sentry is configured
parse_dsnParse a Sentry DSN into its components
prepare_payloadPrepare JSON payload for Sentry
sentry_error_handlerError handler with Sentry reporting
sentry_headersSet the call header
sentryR'sentryR' package
sentry_urlBuild the call URL
with_captured_callsCreate safe function
wrap_error_handler_with_sentryWrap a plumber error handler such that it reports errors to...
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