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RNA-Seq Generation/Modification for Simulation

corassignGroup assignment that is correlated with latent factors.
effective_corEstimates the effective correlation.
est_svEstimate the surrogate variables.
fix_corFixes an invalid target correlation.
permute_designPermute the design matrix so that it is approximately...
poisthinApply Poisson thinning to a matrix of count data.
select_countsSubsample the rows and columns of a count matrix.
seqgendiff-packageseqgendiff: RNA-Seq Generation/Modification for Simulation
summary.ThinDataProvide summary output of a ThinData S3 object.
thin_2groupBinomial thinning in the two-group model.
thin_allBinomial thinning for altering read-depth.
thin_baseBase binomial thinning function.
ThinDataToDESeqDataSetConverts a ThinData S3 object into a DESeqDataSet S4 object.
ThinDataToSummarizedExperimentConverts a ThinData S3 object into a SummarizedExperiment S4...
thin_diffBinomial thinning for differential expression analysis.
thin_geneBinomial thinning for altering total gene expression levels
thin_libBinomial thinning for altering library size.
uncorassignGroup assignment independent of anything.
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