Man pages for seqmon
Group Sequential Design Class for Clinical Trials

alphaspendFunction that calculates the upper boundaries for efficacy
alphaspendfThe default alpha spending function
betaspendFunction that calculates the lower boundaries for futility
betaspendfThe default beta spending function
calcBoundariesFunction for calculating the efficacy and futility boundaries
curtailGeneric function that calculates the probability to declare...
curtailDesignFunction for calculating the probability for efficacy given...
getProbabilitiesFunction that calculates the cumulative probabilities to...
plotBoundariesFunction that plots the efficacy and futility boundaries
printFunction that displays the features of the design
seqmonGeneric function that calculates boundary crossing...
sequential.designThe sequential design class '""'
setAlphaspendfStringFunction that Sets the expression of the base alpha spending...
setBaseAlphaspendfFunction that sets the base alpha spending function
setBaseBetaspendfFunction that sets the base beta spending function
setBetaspendfStringFunction that sets the expression of the base beta spending...
setCurrentLookFunction that sets the current look number
setDatestampFunction that sets the date stamp of the design object
setNoncentralityFunction that sets the noncentrality parameter
setTimesFunction that sets the look times
summaryFunction that shows the cumulative probabilities for efficacy...
updateDesignFunction that updates the design
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