Man pages for sf
Simple Features for R

aggregate.sfaggregate an 'sf' object
bindBind rows (features) of sf objects
coerce-methodsMethods to coerce simple features to Spatial* and...
dbDataTypeDetermine database type for R vector
db_driversDrivers for which update should be 'TRUE' by default
dbWriteTableWrite 'sf' object to Database
extension_mapMap extension to driver
gdalfunctions to interact with gdal not meant to be called...
gdal_addoadd or remove overviews to/from a raster image
gdal_utilsNative interface to gdal utils
geos_binary_opsGeometric operations on pairs of simple feature geometry sets
geos_binary_predGeometric binary predicates on pairs of simple feature...
geos_combineCombine or union feature geometries
geos_measuresCompute geometric measurements
geos_queryDimension, simplicity, validity or is_empty queries on simple...
geos_unaryGeometric unary operations on simple feature geometry sets
internalInternal functions
interpolate_awAreal-weighted interpolation of polygon data
is_driver_availableCheck if driver is available
is_driver_canCheck if a driver can perform an action
is_geometry_columnCheck if the columns could be of a coercable type for sf
merge.sfmerge method for sf and data.frame object
ncNorth Carolina SIDS data
OpsS3 Ops Group Generic Functions for simple feature geometries
plotplot sf object
prefix_mapMap prefix to driver
proj_toolsManage PROJ settings
rawToHexConvert raw vector(s) into hexadecimal character string(s)
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
s2functions for spherical geometry, using s2 package
sfCreate sf object
sfcCreate simple feature geometry list column
sf-defunctDeprecated functions in 'sf'
sf_extSoftVersionProvide the external dependencies versions of the libraries...
sf_projectdirectly transform a set of coordinates
sgbpMethods for dealing with sparse geometry binary predicate...
stCreate simple feature from a numeric vector, matrix or list
st_agrget or set relation_to_geometry attribute of an 'sf' object
starsfunctions only exported to be used internally by stars
st_as_binaryConvert sfc object to an WKB object
st_as_grobConvert sf* object to a grob
st_as_sfConvert foreign object to an sf object
st_as_sfcConvert foreign geometry object to an sfc object
st_as_textReturn Well-known Text representation of simple feature...
st_bboxReturn bounding of a simple feature or simple feature set
st_break_antimeridianBreak antimeridian for plotting not centred on Greenwich
st_castCast geometry to another type: either simplify, or cast...
st_cast_sfc_defaultCoerce geometry to MULTI* geometry
st_collection_extractGiven an object with geometries of type 'GEOMETRY' or...
st_coordinatesretrieve coordinates in matrix form
st_cropcrop an sf object to a specific rectangle
st_crsRetrieve coordinate reference system from object
st_driversGet GDAL drivers
st_geometryGet, set, replace or rename geometry from an sf object
st_geometry_typeReturn geometry type of an object
st_graticuleCompute graticules and their parameters
st_istest equality between the geometry type and a class or set of...
st_is_longlatAssert whether simple feature coordinates are longlat degrees
st_jitterjitter geometries
st_joinspatial join, spatial filter
st_layersReturn properties of layers in a datasource
st_line_sampleSample points on a linear geometry
st_make_gridCreate a regular tesselation over the bounding box of an sf...
st_m_rangeReturn 'm' range of a simple feature or simple feature set
st_nearest_featureget index of nearest feature
st_nearest_pointsget nearest points between pairs of geometries
st_normalizeNormalize simple features
st_precisionGet precision
st_readRead simple features or layers from file or database
st_relateCompute DE9-IM relation between pairs of geometries, or match...
st_samplesample points on or in (sets of) spatial features
st_shift_longitudeShift or re-center geographical coordinates for a Pacific...
st_transformTransform or convert coordinates of simple feature
st_viewportCreate viewport from sf, sfc or sfg object
st_writeWrite simple features object to file or database
st_zmDrop or add Z and/or M dimensions from feature geometries
st_z_rangeReturn 'z' range of a simple feature or simple feature set
summary.sfcSummarize simple feature column
tibbleSummarize simple feature type for tibble
tidyverseTidyverse methods for sf objects (remove .sf suffix!)
transform.sftransform method for sf objects
validCheck validity or make an invalid geometry valid
vctrsvctrs methods for sf objects
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