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Simple Features for R

aggregate.sfaggregate an 'sf' object
bgMapThis is data included in sf
bindBind rows (features) of sf objects
coerce-methodsMethods to coerce simple feature geometries to corresponding...
db_driversDrivers for which update should be 'TRUE' by default
dplyrDplyr verb methods for sf objects
extension_mapMap extension to driver
geos_binary_opsGeometric operations on pairs of simple feature geometry sets
geos_binary_predGeometric binary predicates on pairs of simple feature...
geos_combineCombine or union feature geometries
geos_measuresCompute geometric measurements
geos_queryDimension, simplicity, validity or is_empty queries on simple...
geos_unaryGeometric unary operations on simple feature geometry sets
internalInternal functions
is_driver_availableCheck if driver is available
is_driver_canCheck if a driver can perform an action
merge.sfmerge method for sf and data.frame object
Ops.sfgS3 Ops Group Generic Functions (multiply and add/subtract)...
plotPlot sf object
prefix_mapMap prefix to driver
rawToHexConvert raw vector(s) into hexadecimal character string(s)
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sfCreate sf object
sfcCreate simple feature geometry list column
sf_extSoftVersionProvide the external dependencies versions of the libraries...
sf_projectdirectly transform a set of coordinates
sgbpMethods for dealing with sparse geometry binary predicate...
stCreate simple feature from a numeric vector, matrix or list
st_agrget or set relation_to_geometry attribute of an 'sf' object
st_as_binaryConvert sfc object to an WKB object
st_as_grobConvert sf* object to a grob
st_as_sfConvert foreign object to an sf object
st_as_sfcConvert foreign geometry object to an sfc object
st_as_textReturn Well-known Text representation of simple feature...
st_bboxReturn bounding of a simple feature or simple feature set
st_castCast geometry to another type: either simplify, or cast...
st_cast_sfc_defaultCoerce geometry to MULTI* geometry
st_collection_extractGiven an object with geometries of type 'GEOMETRY' or...
st_coordinatesretrieve coordinates in matrix form
st_crsRetrieve coordinate reference system from object
st_driversGet GDAL drivers
st_geometryGet, set, or replace geometry from an sf object
st_geometry_typeReturn geometry type of an object
st_graticuleCompute graticules and their parameters
st_interpolate_awAreal-weighted interpolation of polygon data
st_istest equality between the geometry type and a class or set of...
st_is_longlatAssert whether simple feature coordinates are longlat degrees
st_jitterjitter geometries
st_joinspatial left or inner join
st_layersList layers in a datasource
st_line_sampleSample points on a linear geometry
st_make_gridMake a rectangular grid over the bounding box of a sf or sfc...
st_precisionGet precision
st_readRead simple features or layers from file or database
st_relateCompute DE9-IM relation between pairs of geometries, or match...
st_samplesample points on or in (sets of) spatial features
st_transformTransform or convert coordinates of simple feature
st_viewportCreate viewport from sf, sfc or sfg object
st_writeWrite simple features object to file or database
st_zmDrop or add Z and/or M dimensions from feature geometries
summary.sfcSummarize simple feature column
tibbleSummarize simple feature type for tibble
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