Man pages for sfarrow
Read/Write Simple Feature Objects ('sf') with 'Apache' 'Arrow'

arrow_to_sfHelper function to convert 'data.frame' to 'sf'
create_metadataCreate standardised geo metadata for Parquet files
encode_wkbConvert 'sfc' geometry columns into a WKB binary format
read_sf_datasetRead an Arrow multi-file dataset and create 'sf' object
sfarrow'sfarrow': An R package for reading/writing simple feature...
st_read_featherRead a Feather file to 'sf' object
st_read_parquetRead a Parquet file to 'sf' object
st_write_featherWrite 'sf' object to Feather file
st_write_parquetWrite 'sf' object to Parquet file
validate_metadataBasic checking of key geo metadata columns
write_sf_datasetWrite 'sf' object to an Arrow multi-file dataset
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