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Simple features are a popular, standardised way to create spatial vector data with a list-type geometry column. Parquet files are standard column-oriented files designed by Apache Arrow (https://parquet.apache.org/) for fast read/writes. sfarrow is designed to support the reading and writing of simple features in sf objects from/to Parquet files (.parquet) and Feather files (.feather) within R. A key goal of sfarrow is to support interoperability of spatial data in files between R and Python through the use of standardised metadata.


Coordinate reference and geometry field information for sf objects are stored in standard metadata tables within the files. The metadata are based on a standard representation (Version 0.1.0, reference: https://github.com/geopandas/geo-arrow-spec). This is compatible with the format used by the Python library GeoPandas for read/writing Parquet/Feather files. Note to users: this metadata format is not yet stable for production uses and may change in the future.


This work was undertaken by Chris Jochem, a member of the WorldPop Research Group at the University of Southampton(https://www.worldpop.org/).

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