DataInputExampleFile: The TIP49 dataset of protein interactions (AP-MS).

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A strictly numeric input matrix with unique proteins as rownames and unique projects as colnames. The cells of the matrix are filled with the associated peptide counts. Cells that have no associated peptide counts are filled with a zero. This specific example dataset is derived from the publication of Sardiu et al. (see below). It contains complexes involved in chromatin remodeling and consists of 35 bait-specific projects and 35 negative controls.




A matrix with 1581 rows (proteins) and 70 variables (projects).


M.E. Sardiu, Y. Cai, J. Jin, S.K. Swanson, R.C. Conaway, J.W. Conaway, L. Florens, M.P. Washburn Probabilistic assembly of human protein interaction networks from label-free quantitative proteomics. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 105 (2008), pp. 1454 to 1459.

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