Man pages for shiny.reglog
Optional Login and Registration Module System for ShinyApps

create_gsheet_dbCreate new 'googlesheet' reglog database
create_sqlite_dbCreate new 'SQLite' reglog database
DBI_credsEdit_handlerDBI edit to the database handler
DBI_login_handlerDBI login handler
DBI_register_handlerDBI register handler
DBI_resetPass_confirmation_handlerDBI resetpass code confirmation handler
DBI_resetPass_generation_handlerDBI resetpass code generation handler
DBI_tables_createCreate RegLog-valid database tables with DBI
db_timestampfunction to create standardized timestamp
depr_txtsGet texts for given language. Used within deprecated...
emayili_custom_mail_handlerEmayili custom email sending handler
emayili_reglog_mail_handlerEmayili email sending handler
gmailr_custom_mail_handlerGmailr custom email sending handler
gmailr_reglog_mail_handlerGmailr send email handler
gsheet_credsEdit_handlergooglesheets edit to the database handler
gsheet_get_dbFunction to read googlesheets shiny.reglog database
gsheet_login_handlergooglesheets login handler
gsheet_register_handlergooglesheets register handler
gsheet_resetPass_confirmation_handlergooglesheets resetpass code confirmation handler
gsheet_resetPass_generation_handlergooglesheets resetpass code generation handler
gsheet_tables_createCreate RegLog-valid database tables with googlesheets4
login_serverLogin server module
login_UIShiny UI module for login box
logout_buttonAction Button for logging out
mailMessageAttachmentMail attachment data to be handled by mailConnector via...
password_reset_UIShiny UI module for password reset
register_UIShiny UI module for registration box
RegLogConnectorRegLog connector template
RegLogConnectorMessagecreate RegLogConnectorMessage object
RegLog_credsEdit_UIGenerate Edit User Data UI for RegLog system
RegLogDBIConnectorConnector to DBI-valid databases
RegLogDemoDemonstration ShinyApp with basic RegLog system
RegLogEmayiliConnectorRegLogConnector for email sending via 'emayili' package
RegLogGmailrConnectorRegLogConnector for email sending via 'emayili' package
RegLogGsheetConnectorConnector to googlesheet database
RegLog_login_UIGenerate Login UI for RegLog system
RegLog_register_UIGenerate Register UI for RegLog system
RegLog_resetPass_UIGenerate ResetPass code UI for RegLog system
RegLogServerLogin and registration moduleServer
RegLog_txtGetting texts for given language
shiny.reglog-packageshiny.reglog: Optional Login and Registration Module System...
sqlite_get_dbFunction to read SQLite shiny.reglog database
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